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“I was feeling stuck and numbed out in my life. The online program was intense in that it challenged me to love all parts of myself. Week after week, I was able to clearly understand the repeating unconscious patterns that were holding me back and causing me so much suffering. The program gives you the tools to support you to live your life more effectively, stay in tune with your true purpose and to change your life.”  – Marta, Italy more testimonials

Sat Nam – Namaste – Howdy

All your limiting patterns are set in place the first Seven Years of Life. These blocks chase you into adulthood and reveal themselves through relationship conflict, financial difficulties, obsessive behavior and chronic health problems.

Negative emotions like depression, anger, sadness, and fear are only messengers calling you to deal with your past.

I can help you claim back your Joyous Self.

Align with an easy flow in your relationships and purpose. 

Learn ancient spiritual laws so that you feel connected to yourself, others and a higher divine power. 

Trust and believe in yourself.

Feel confident in your spirituality in a real and practical way.

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