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Do You Remember Who You Were Before the World Told You Who You Should Be?

Each Person is born with a Unique Genius to contribute to the World ! Unfortunately, through Conditioning, we have forgotten who we are and why we have come to the planet.

 What Does This Mean ?

We end up living other people’s lives.

We live lives that are not our own in a futile attempt to fulfill the many expectations placed upon us by our families, education system, culture, gender, religion and society at large.

We end up feeling depressed, trapped and stuck in our jobs and our relationships.  Life feels monotonous and routine with no way out.

Good News

Fortunately, the ancient wisdom traditions as well as cutting edge science have given us the tools and technology to re-claim ourselves. Once you have your Self –  all the other problems disappear ! The Truth is that this is what we are all seeking although we may be unaware of it.

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