The last 2,000 years of the Pisean Age, we have been taught to search for the Divine outside of ourselves. In this new Age of Aquarius, we are to discover that the Divine lives within each person.

Religion Teaches Worship the Messenger.  True Spirituality Teaches Follow the Message.

You have your own inner Teacher or Guru that is guiding you through life. It’s like your own personal GPS that is directing you to make the right choices in your life so that you attract prosperity in all areas of your life – relationships, material and health. We are unable to hear this wise Teacher inside us because we are clogged up by our past. My online healing programs help you to release these past patterns that were set in childhood.

I am Catalyst Yogi and here is my vision for the world:

I envision a world where each person feels empowered and supported to live as their authentic self.

I believe it is the power of  the individual to change the world. It will be an INNER REVOLUTION that will ultimately bring real change.

I believe that each person must follow their own inner authority (Soul) and this is the only road to ultimate happiness and fulfillment.

People Have Said:

“Thank you for your guidance and being so grounded in your own intuition and sense of self. My bullshit meter never even uttered a blip about you the entire 12 weeks. You are the real deal. It is a blessing to know you.”

“Catalyst Yogi’s  style and humor – the way of delivering interesting and challenging material, is done in a fun and accessible way.”

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I Am:

  • An Early Indigo Scout committed to help guide people to live in the new age of Aquarius
  • A trained Energy Healer
  • A published Author
  • A Certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, as taught by Yogi Bhajan
  • One of the Founders of the 3HO Men’s Yoga Camp 
  • A regular contributor to the 3HO Blog
  • Certified in the following Kundalini Yoga Level 2 Programs: Mind and Meditation; Lifecyles and Lifestyles; Conscious Communication and Authentic Relationships


I am an information junky – a perpetual student. I love to research and study and only keep what works and is practical. My influences are many –  Sacred Sound from many traditions – anything that opens the heart and raises vibration, Human Design, Gene Keys, Psychology of Vision, A Course In Miracles, Evolutionary Astrology, I Ching, Advaita, Metaphysics and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. 


What Zings Me and Gets Me Out of Bed in the Morning:

Helping people drop their negative conditioning so that the love of their Soul comes shining through. I love to empower someone to transform and to start using their own inner authority to make decisions in their life.  A self-sovereign human being within a community is a beautiful and powerful energy.

Are You Religious?

No! I am not identified with any one religion, for that is not my destiny in this lifetime. I do respect and honour the kernel of truth that can be found in all religions which is that WE ARE ALL ONE. There are many paths up the mountain and I respect another person’s path to the Divine as right for them but not necessarily right for me or others.


My favorite spiritual movie of all time is Groundhog Day. That movie encapsulates the dilemma of being a spiritual being in a human form, and it’s fun too!


“Really, I am just here to remind you of your true nature and to rely on your ultimate authority – your own Soul.” – Catalyst Yogi

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