3 Ways to Receive All Good Things

Sat Nam, We can all agree mentally that the Universe is abundant. That old chestnut of a teaching has been around forever. So why does it seem to work for some people and not others?  If you are working hard

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5 Ways to Manage Change and Expand Your Awareness

Happy Full Moon! The last one of 2017. Full Moons are a culmination point and a deep letting go.   This Full Moon is in the shadow of hunger and this is what drives us to find fulfillment out in the external

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Where’s My Tribe?

Your tribe are those that are here to help us do our  higher purpose and vice versa.  Your tribe or Soul Cluster are the Souls that you travel with lifetime after lifetime – your dream team except when we don’t

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What’s Up With All the Stories of Corruption

Jupiter – Mercury and soon the Sun all in the shadow of Corruption means that we’re going to see more stories surface in the main stream media in the next couple of weeks. With the recent accounts of all the

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WildFires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes What are the Earth Changes teaching Us?

With the recent onslaught of wild fires in California, it seems to be one thing right after another with these dramatic earth changes. The ancients taught us that we would experience earth changes as we enter the great Age of

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Do you Give too Much and Receive too Little?

Jupiter spends on average one year in each sign of the zodiac. When Jupiter moves we all feel it! And Jupiter is in the shadow pattern of corruption – sound familiar? On the collective stage we have seen corruption in politics, business and

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How to Find the Gift in Conflict

The theme that I have been seeing in talking with a variety of people is a lack of trust. Lack of trust in their fellow human. Also its interesting to note that it has to do with money and resources.

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Magic Mantra to Calm the Mind

Have you noticed you are getting more sensitive? Maybe your feelings are more intense? Maybe you are picking up on other people’s energy? This increased sensitivity is all part of the changes we are going through for the Aquarian Age.

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Fall Update

  Sat Nam, There hasn’t been much action as I have been mostly called to do Video Blogging as opposed to the written word. So please visit my  Youtube Channel for my latest messages!  

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June Shadow Forecast – Silence the Noisy Mind

Did you know that each month we have particular shadow patterns that lift from the human genome? Shadows are rooted in the frequency of fear and they get broadcasted out on the world stage. This month we are clearing the shadow

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