Where’s My Tribe?

Your tribe are those that are here to help us do our  higher purpose and vice versa.  Your tribe or Soul Cluster are the Souls that you travel with lifetime after lifetime – your dream team except when we don’t meet because of a shadow pattern of interference within the world. Interference means that you are broadcasting a  frequency rooted in fear which attracts to you the wrong people into your life.

 Imagine all that conflict, betrayal, fear and effort gone in your relationships? And in its place is trust, harmony, kindness, inspiration, growth and love in your relationships? This happens when we transmute the shadow of interference within ourself.

Imagine that your Soul Cluster comes together in service to a higher ideal? What you care about – they care about as well?  All doing your higher purpose to bring this New Earth into form. This is the gift of Team Work that comes out of Interference.  What a world we would live in? So apparently there are 144, 000 Soul Clusters are out there  and you belong to one of them.

What can you do? The best thing to do is to do your higher purpose as this acitvates the others that are in your Soul Cluster to gather around you. Watch this short video to learn more and please leave your comments below.


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What’s Up With All the Stories of Corruption

Jupiter – Mercury and soon the Sun all in the shadow of Corruption means that we’re going to see more stories surface in the main stream media in the next couple of weeks. With the recent accounts of all the brave women who have come forward with allegations of Sexual Harassment by men in power – it would behoove us to look at this more closely from a Spiritual Perspective.


Watch this short video for more perspective


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WildFires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes What are the Earth Changes teaching Us?

With the recent onslaught of wild fires in California, it seems to be one thing right after another with these dramatic earth changes.

The ancients taught us that we would experience earth changes as we enter the great Age of Aquarius. It is important to stay out of fear and  keep your focus on your spiritual work in the face of these changes. It’s not the Earth that needs saving – it’s  humanity that needs saving!

What is the spiritual lesson behind these earth changes? How can you stay in a high vibration in the face of such devastation?  Watch this short video to learn more as well as a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to help you integrate this energy of change.

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Do you Give too Much and Receive too Little?

Jupiter spends on average one year in each sign of the zodiac. When Jupiter moves we all feel it! And Jupiter is in the shadow pattern of corruption – sound familiar? On the collective stage we have seen corruption in politics, business and religion. 

We are basically one big broadcast dish of energies and Corruption is when our energy becomes distorted by the lower frequency of fear.

Jupiter is in the sign of Libra only one more week so look to your relationships. We’ve been working on letting go imbalances within our relationships for the last 12 months. Is there an equal balance of giving and receiving? Are you willing to make compromises in your relationships without becoming a doormat? Are you surrounded by people who value you? Do you give too much and receive too little?

This week get clear on what you want in all of your relationships. And then strive to embody these qualities. So if you want attract relationships where you feel safe to talk honestly about your feelings without judgement.  Then you provide a safe accepting space for others to talk about their feelings. As you give so you shall receive.

Here’s my Latest  Video Log

I talk about the spiritual law of giving and receiving. Also the different types of giving that reap different results. Do you give and give and yet your bank account is low and when you need support – no one is around? Well you just need a tweak – watch the video to learn more.

Please leave your valuable comments below!  And check out the Catalyst Yogi LIVE online Programs Activate Your Higher Purpose and Healing Your Inner Child  with new lower priced instalment plan options.




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How to Find the Gift in Conflict

The theme that I have been seeing in talking with a variety of people is a lack of trust. Lack of trust in their fellow human. Also its interesting to note that it has to do with money and resources. Fear that someone will cheat them out of their money and resources. As a side note Money is really the new spiritual teacher on the planet. If you want to gauge your spiritual development – look at your relationship to money. This is one of the topics will be addressed in the Higher Purpose Program that launches October 8th. So what do people do when they don’t trust – they create even more defences – more barriers – more protection. This is shadow (low frequency energy). And what does shadow do ? It creates more shadow . So when a acts from shadow – it just creates more fear. If you expect to be betrayed by another person. Guess what? That’s exactly what you will attract to you in your life.

I want to talk more about this shadow of conflict. I talked about this shadow on the Live New Moon Meditation last week – so watch that if you haven’t already on my youtube channel. So remember at this time that we are purifying our ancestral memory from our DNA. This shadow of conflict keeps us fighting with others. Have you every noticed siblings who fight even as little children – this is this shadow of conflict at work.

The root of Conflict is really about our emotional state. All these earth changes are a reflection of what is going on in our astral body – in the collective emotional body of humanity. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and now a volcano is set to blow in Bali. Our collective emotional body is getting stirred up. And we all feel it. The fear, the anger, the anxiety, the depression, the grief the sadness. All of those repressed emotions from our ancestors.

Watch this video to learn more:

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Magic Mantra to Calm the Mind

Have you noticed you are getting more sensitive? Maybe your feelings are more intense? Maybe you are picking up on other people’s energy? This increased sensitivity is all part of the changes we are going through for the Aquarian Age. Today I want to focus on the Mind. Our mind is becoming more sensitive. In school we were not taught about our mind and how it works. School is about the worship of the mind and intellect at the expense of your emotional self – your spiritual self. The belief that you are your mind was reinforced in the school system. So we have to embrace a new way of being and it isn’t through the mind.

Watch this video to learn more about the magic mantra that will calm your mind:

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Fall Update


Sat Nam,

There hasn’t been much action as I have been mostly called to do Video Blogging as opposed to the written word.

So please visit my  Youtube Channel for my latest messages!


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June Shadow Forecast – Silence the Noisy Mind

Did you know that each month we have particular shadow patterns that lift from the human genome? Shadows are rooted in the frequency of fear and they get broadcasted out on the world stage.

This month we are clearing the shadow of Deafness. This is about being deaf to the voice of your own Soul – that small inner voice that has always been helping you in your life.  You can’t hear your intuition because of your noisy mind.

How do I work with this Shadow?

So to transmute this shadow,  you have to go to the root – go to what is fueling this noisy mind and face the fear. The deep fear is being different – an outcast from society.  This shadow pattern goes back deep into our ancestral memory banks held in our Junk DNA.

Historically, to be an outcast from society or the tribe meant certain death. You need others in order to survive. If you appeared different you would be blamed. ” It’s that weird woman in the wood that uses plants to heal. She caused the crops to go bad – we need to kill her.”  “She’s not like us.She doesn’t go to church and claims that GOD is everywhere. Grab the pitchforks and torches.”

The Rise of the Feminine 

Remember the bass note for 2017 is the Rise of the Feminine so these fears can prevent you from really stepping forward in your power.

The Gift

This month you will come face to face with your noisy mind. All these shadow patterns are rooted in fear but the good news is that they also contain a gift.

When you feel your fear,  the shadow is magically transformed into the gift of Insight. These are the “aha” breakthroughs that come like the rays of the sun through the darkness. The voice of the Soul rooted in love penetrates through all fear.

LEARN More by watching this under 10 min video or  listen to it on i-tunes.



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May 2017 Forecast – Letting Go of Expectations

According to the Neutrino Stream it looks like May is bringing to you the ending of a long cycle. The shadow pattern that is lifting from the human genome this month is called Expectation. This shadow of expectations  can bring make us believe that happiness and fulfillment are found in the future. This makes us postpone our living our life until ____ (that thing happens).  This cycle of course leads to deep disappointment mixed with failure. 

Are you clinging on to something you know has ended? Are you avoiding taking the next step because you want to avoid these feelings of disappointment? If you answer yes, then you are in the shadow. Remember that there is a gift in all of these patterns and it is driving your evolution.

Watch the short video to learn more and how you can pull yourself into the higher frequencies.

Leave Your Comments Below:

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Is it the End of the World? Or is Just the Beginning?

If we look at our present world with only our two physical eyes, it can fill us with despair, depression and a sense of hopelessness. When we shift gears and elevate our perspective to a spiritual – evolutionary view point then this time is filled with hope, optimism and celebration.

Yes we are moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age and at the same time we are also returning back to the Sat Yug – the return of the Golden Age. It takes 26,000 years to go through one cycle of the 12 constellations of the zodiac and it takes 4, 320,000 earth years to cycle through the four  yugas.

What are the Yugas?

The ancient civilizations knew  about this grand cycle of time that could be divided into what is called Yugus or Ages. The state of our overall human civilization depends on where we are in the cycle.  The scriptures describe the Four Yugas  through which humankind has spiritually developed.

The beginning of the cycle is the Sat Yug—the Age of Truth, or the Golden Age. This is the Age of Innocence, man was one with the Divine and all of creation. This lasted for 1,728,000 years.

Then came the Treta Yug—the Silver Age, when the power of the Truth was weakened to three-quarters. When The Inner Being – your Divine Self  became weak. This lasted for 1,296,000 years.

Next came the Doaper Yug—the Copper Age, when the Truth was only half revealed ”  This is where Humans  worshipped God in the form. This lasted for  864,000 years.

Then came the Kal Yug – the time we’ve been in now and the Truth is only one-quarter revealed. The divine inner being is very weak – barely existent. This Yug is known as the Dark Age, the Age of Steel or Machine Age.  This has lasted for 432,000 years.

So these Four Yugas together make 4,320,000 Earth years. This big cycle is called a Maha Yug, or the Great Age.

So not only are we now moving into the Aquarian Age  we are also ascending back to the very beginning into the Sat Yug the Golden Age, This is when our Divine Nature reaches its absolute fullness.

The Galactic Center

The Golden Age also correlates to the movement of our solar system.  We live in a binary star solar system – our solar sun has a companion sun that is located at the galactic center of the Universe. It takes 4,320,000 Earth years for our solar system to be in close orbit to the galactic center. The galactic sun is transmitting divine energy to our Solar Sun, to the planet and in turn to us as part of our evolutionary change. That’s what all this Solar Flare activity is about. This evolutionary light will transmute  our DNA which will trigger a massive release of  our inner light  throwing off shadow patterns and awakening  our inner divine being.  That’s why 2012 was a big deal –  this is the first time the earth came into alignment to the galactic center.  Do you see what a big deal this time is?

We Are Returning Home

We are returning home. This is the return of Eden – the myth spoken about in the bible. As for the time we are looking around the year 2027 as the next pivotal marker. We are in an amazing time for humanity to  have the great blessing to go through this shift. This is the age of enlightenment is a  time of remembering and waking up to the Truth of who you are – a Spiritual Being having human experiences.

Solar Plexus Mutation 

So does that mean you kick back and get yourself a Galactic Sun Tan?  Yes and No. Yes you open yourself up to receive this evolutionary energy but you also have to participate or life is going to get very uncomfortable for you. Humanity is moving  back into the Heart Chakra. This is where Unity consciousness lives  – the recognition that we are all one.  In fact humanity is one organism.

How does this work? How are we going to come into the heart?  Well , it’s a process. Our Solar Plexus is going through a mutation. Scientists have discovered that this is our second brain.

Yogi Bhajan says, “In the stomach there will be a light. The heart center will light up. All people will be kind, compassionate and enlightened. People will become intuitive. You are going to learn from the navel point  because the navel point will become the third eye.”

This is the self-sensory system that Yogi Bhajan talked about also known as the Solar Plexus Mutation. Presently the human awareness system is through our Mind . We experience life – reality through our mind.The most refined mind is the neutral mind – the  intuitive mind  which relates to the 3rd eye often said to live at the brow point.

The new awareness system will be the solar plexus which  is connected to our Emotions. We are evolving through our emotional body. There is no way to get around this. This is why your emotions are becoming more intense – the solar plexus is awakening. So the solar plexus releases stuck emotions from your past and uses that like a hydraulic system that travels to your Heart Chakra to awaken your Heart.

Inner Child Healing

So these stuck emotions come from your childhood. Emotions mean energy in motion. They are fluid and meant to move unobstructed. What happens is our conditioning. We are told as children that emotions are bad and wrong and they crystalize in the body. And this is when we also shut down our heart. This is why inner child work is so important for your evolutionary process. You can be 45 years old but a little hurt inner child still lives inside you waiting to be healed. So when you are going through an emotional crisis in your life – it is your inner child that is calling you back to heal.  Most people are not even aware of the pain of the inner child because it lives so deeply buried in your psyche.  I have worked with a lot of people who were unaware that there was so much pain inside them from childhood covering up their hearts. So it is crucial at this time to heal your past.

It is your healed past that will provide the compost to grow into your future Aquarian Self.

Everything that happened to you good and bad  happened for a reason so now it is time to purify and come back into your innocence. Jesus Christ talked about this – To enter the Kingdom of Heaven – (the sacred heart – the Age of Aquarius – the Golden Age)  you must be like children.  He meant you must become innocent again not ignorant innocent like a little baby but to be wise innocent which is innocence with awareness which is your power. This is what it means to be a spiritual adult – we are all growing up for this new Golden Age.

If you feel your Soul calling to do this deep emotional healing of the Inner Child – check out my  8 Week Online Program to Heal your Inner Child.


Watch this video for a more in depth discussion and please leave your comments:




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