May 2017 Forecast – Letting Go of Expectations

According to the Neutrino Stream it looks like May is bringing to you the ending of a long cycle. The shadow pattern that is lifting from the human genome this month is called Expectation. This shadow of expectations  can bring make us believe that happiness and fulfillment are found in the future. This makes us postpone our living our life until ____ (that thing happens).  This cycle of course leads to deep disappointment mixed with failure. 

Are you clinging on to something you know has ended? Are you avoiding taking the next step because you want to avoid these feelings of disappointment? If you answer yes, then you are in the shadow. Remember that there is a gift in all of these patterns and it is driving your evolution.

Watch the short video to learn more and how you can pull yourself into the higher frequencies.

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Is it the End of the World? Or is Just the Beginning?

If we look at our present world with only our two physical eyes, it can fill us with despair, depression and a sense of hopelessness. When we shift gears and elevate our perspective to a spiritual – evolutionary view point then this time is filled with hope, optimism and celebration.

Yes we are moving from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age and at the same time we are also returning back to the Sat Yug – the return of the Golden Age. It takes 26,000 years to go through one cycle of the 12 constellations of the zodiac and it takes 4, 320,000 earth years to cycle through the four  yugas.

What are the Yugas?

The ancient civilizations knew  about this grand cycle of time that could be divided into what is called Yugus or Ages. The state of our overall human civilization depends on where we are in the cycle.  The scriptures describe the Four Yugas  through which humankind has spiritually developed.

The beginning of the cycle is the Sat Yug—the Age of Truth, or the Golden Age. This is the Age of Innocence, man was one with the Divine and all of creation. This lasted for 1,728,000 years.

Then came the Treta Yug—the Silver Age, when the power of the Truth was weakened to three-quarters. When The Inner Being – your Divine Self  became weak. This lasted for 1,296,000 years.

Next came the Doaper Yug—the Copper Age, when the Truth was only half revealed ”  This is where Humans  worshipped God in the form. This lasted for  864,000 years.

Then came the Kal Yug – the time we’ve been in now and the Truth is only one-quarter revealed. The divine inner being is very weak – barely existent. This Yug is known as the Dark Age, the Age of Steel or Machine Age.  This has lasted for 432,000 years.

So these Four Yugas together make 4,320,000 Earth years. This big cycle is called a Maha Yug, or the Great Age.

So not only are we now moving into the Aquarian Age  we are also ascending back to the very beginning into the Sat Yug the Golden Age, This is when our Divine Nature reaches its absolute fullness.

The Galactic Center

The Golden Age also correlates to the movement of our solar system.  We live in a binary star solar system – our solar sun has a companion sun that is located at the galactic center of the Universe. It takes 4,320,000 Earth years for our solar system to be in close orbit to the galactic center. The galactic sun is transmitting divine energy to our Solar Sun, to the planet and in turn to us as part of our evolutionary change. That’s what all this Solar Flare activity is about. This evolutionary light will transmute  our DNA which will trigger a massive release of  our inner light  throwing off shadow patterns and awakening  our inner divine being.  That’s why 2012 was a big deal –  this is the first time the earth came into alignment to the galactic center.  Do you see what a big deal this time is?

We Are Returning Home

We are returning home. This is the return of Eden – the myth spoken about in the bible. As for the time we are looking around the year 2027 as the next pivotal marker. We are in an amazing time for humanity to  have the great blessing to go through this shift. This is the age of enlightenment is a  time of remembering and waking up to the Truth of who you are – a Spiritual Being having human experiences.

Solar Plexus Mutation 

So does that mean you kick back and get yourself a Galactic Sun Tan?  Yes and No. Yes you open yourself up to receive this evolutionary energy but you also have to participate or life is going to get very uncomfortable for you. Humanity is moving  back into the Heart Chakra. This is where Unity consciousness lives  – the recognition that we are all one.  In fact humanity is one organism.

How does this work? How are we going to come into the heart?  Well , it’s a process. Our Solar Plexus is going through a mutation. Scientists have discovered that this is our second brain.

Yogi Bhajan says, “In the stomach there will be a light. The heart center will light up. All people will be kind, compassionate and enlightened. People will become intuitive. You are going to learn from the navel point  because the navel point will become the third eye.”

This is the self-sensory system that Yogi Bhajan talked about also known as the Solar Plexus Mutation. Presently the human awareness system is through our Mind . We experience life – reality through our mind.The most refined mind is the neutral mind – the  intuitive mind  which relates to the 3rd eye often said to live at the brow point.

The new awareness system will be the solar plexus which  is connected to our Emotions. We are evolving through our emotional body. There is no way to get around this. This is why your emotions are becoming more intense – the solar plexus is awakening. So the solar plexus releases stuck emotions from your past and uses that like a hydraulic system that travels to your Heart Chakra to awaken your Heart.

Inner Child Healing

So these stuck emotions come from your childhood. Emotions mean energy in motion. They are fluid and meant to move unobstructed. What happens is our conditioning. We are told as children that emotions are bad and wrong and they crystalize in the body. And this is when we also shut down our heart. This is why inner child work is so important for your evolutionary process. You can be 45 years old but a little hurt inner child still lives inside you waiting to be healed. So when you are going through an emotional crisis in your life – it is your inner child that is calling you back to heal.  Most people are not even aware of the pain of the inner child because it lives so deeply buried in your psyche.  I have worked with a lot of people who were unaware that there was so much pain inside them from childhood covering up their hearts. So it is crucial at this time to heal your past.

It is your healed past that will provide the compost to grow into your future Aquarian Self.

Everything that happened to you good and bad  happened for a reason so now it is time to purify and come back into your innocence. Jesus Christ talked about this – To enter the Kingdom of Heaven – (the sacred heart – the Age of Aquarius – the Golden Age)  you must be like children.  He meant you must become innocent again not ignorant innocent like a little baby but to be wise innocent which is innocence with awareness which is your power. This is what it means to be a spiritual adult – we are all growing up for this new Golden Age.

If you feel your Soul calling to do this deep emotional healing of the Inner Child – check out my  8 Week Online Program to Heal your Inner Child.


Watch this video for a more in depth discussion and please leave your comments:




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Meditation for Insecurity and Fear

Here is a full kundalini yoga meditation to get rid of insecurity.  It uses the mantra “GOBINDA GOBINDA HARI HARI” said to be the favorite mantras of the Angels.

Practice and leave your comment to let me know how it affects you.


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Full Moon Report – The Battle Between Light and Dark

Well the battle between light and dark is on! We’re in it!  As we come closer to the Aquarian Age (Light)  the Piscean Consciousness (Dark) seems to be getting stronger especially now with the threat of WWIII.

Sorry to not get all “unicorn and rainbows” on you in this e-mail  but we must look under the rock to get a clear view of the greeblies that have been running this world. The Piscean Age was all about the accumulation of power and money using destructive means. The ultimate destruction for power and money is war. The ugliness of this Piscean Consciousness is that war is big business – the destruction of many innocent lives which materially profits a few. Remember that we are on the brink of  a huge quantum leap in our human evolution and the Aquarian Consciousness can not be stopped but not without a battle. So before you go into thoughts of how can GOD let this happen to us? Let’s explore it deeper.

DNA Shapes Our Reality 

Scientists have now proven that emotions shape our DNA and in turn our DNA shapes our physical reality. (i talk about this in my latest video).  In a nutshell, when you feel emotions such as fear, anger, depression your DNA constricts which creates more separation from our divinity out in  the world. When you feel emotions like peace and love – your DNA expands and you create more harmony and unity out in the world. Do you think that the Piscean Consciousness does not know this?  This is why we are being fed a barrage of images and stories that elicit negative emotions like fear, anger, despair and depression. This is the propaganda of fear to keep us feeling overwhelmed and powerless –  afraid of one another and to remain in the illusion of separation.

What to Do to Move these Times?

Your ultimate control right now is how you respond to your life. If you react and vibrate with negative emotions then the darkness wins.  We get the same old same old. If you respond and vibrate with love and peace then the light wins. Each moment you have a choice – are you on the side of light or are you on the side of dark? It’s really choice time. Commit or not.

The Piscean Age question is, “How do i get security?”  Typical answer has to do with with money –  make more money, hoard money, stay in an unhealthy relationship or job. The ego will tell you that money will give you security but it’s not real.  No matter how much money you have  – you will worry about it.

The Aquarian Age question is, “How do i serve the whole of humanity with my gifts”? This is where your real security lies – because every cell in your body feels secure in your divining nature. This is the reason why you are here on this planet. Your Purpose is what you are really seeking right now.

So change your question from “How do i get more security?” to “How do i serve humanity?”

Remember a true spiritual warrior fights for the heart. So if you feel intuitively to make a stand for the light in the form of protest, rallies or other gatherings then know you are on the winning side. You can also pray for peace and harmony for all sentient beings and this frequency will return to you. The best way to spread peace is to help another person in fear   who crosses your path. The Aquarian Age is a two by two enlightenment package – it will be the end of the individual as we know it. So start putting this consciousness in practice.

I just recorded a video that explains our deepest human wound that is surfacing right now to be healed. Please Watch below  o listen to it for more clarity.

Also Healing the Inner Child programs starts in one week. Why is it critical to heal our inner child?

Your Inner Child is the Guardian to the Doorway into the Aquarian Age!

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April 2017 Forecast – The Shadow of Fantasy

The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Truth which means that the Unconscious Mind must be made Conscious. So shadow patterns are being lifted from our human DNA and that’s why it feels intense in the world right now. As a humanity, we are going through a deep purification from these patterns. 

April looks to be a challenging month. Before you slip into defeat and the “why me thoughts” remember that these energies only serve us to grow and evolve. Don’t underestimate your strength to succeed and pass the Life Tests.

What Are the Main Themes?

  • Going into Fantasies of the Mind
  • Blocking Light from the Galactic Center of the Universe
  • Standing Up to incorrect Authority Figures
  • Discovering Your True Values
  • Money withheld from the Ego’s plans
  • Creating the Structures to Manifest your inner Dream
  • Initiating the NEW
  • Breaking out of Limiting Belief Patterns from childhood


Watch the April 2017 Forecast to learn more and please leave your comments below:

Go Deeper in your Healing for the Age of Aquarius and join me for Shadow Mining Level 3 – Heal Your Inner Child. Register Today – Early Bird Price until April 9th (midnight EST)


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Are You Hiding Your Greatness? How to Come Out of the Shadows

Are You Hiding Your Greatness?

Now more than ever your light is needed out in the world. So why do you hide from the world? Does the thought of being a beacon of light for others scare you? Do you want to change this? Let’s explore the root cause. No real transformation happens without seeing the dynamic first. Seeing is looking at your behavior through the light of awareness. Once you see it in Truth – you can change it – Its like turning a big flood light on a dark corner of the room.

Not Sharing Your Greatness is NOT humility – it’s the Ego Keeping you Small and Hidden.

What does Hiding Yourself look like?

  • Not looking people in the eye when you speak.
  • You don’t talk about yourself. Listening and Speaking are out of balance.
  • Telling people what you think they want to hear – people pleaser
  • Remaining within a small group of people – focused on helping them only – it could be your family, a few friends. ( Who never really want your advice)
  • Avoiding people who want your help – especially the ones that want to pay for your services
  • Not taking risks in life.
  • Not believing in yourself.
  • Not feeling confident that you have anything of value to share – afraid even to give your opinion in a conversation.
  • Not setting boundaries with people with your time and energy. Not standing up for yourself.
  • Unable to express your needs.
  • You feel more comfortable being a wallpaper person than the star of your own life
  • Body posture is slumped as if you want to make yourself as small as possible
  • Feel at times that you just want to disappear

The surface emotion here is fear. But the deep root emotion Is shame – that’s what hiding is covering up.

Please Watch the Video for More Information and Leave Your Comments Below:


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How to Deal with Disillusionment and Despair

how to deal with disillusionment

It’s normal to feel disillusioned by the recent global events. It seems that it’s one thing after another with all the corruption, lies, violence and destruction in the news. 

The Ego’s Temptation

I recently spent a week in a big city – over 4 million people. Cities are not my favorite places but for some reason the Divine placed me there to have an experience. I was dealing with an internal infection and needed medical attention so my energy was low and I could feel my consciousness shifting to a negative space. I saw humans being cruel and uncaring to one another. I saw egos clashing with other egos and I couldn’t see the Light anywhere. I could feel my ego so close and wanting to take over with its (mis)guidance, “ If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.” “Give back what they are giving you and just escape.”  In a moment of overwhelm, I closed my eyes and prayed. I prayed to see this situation in Truth. And with a snap of a finger, I received the information. These people were suppressing great pain and reacting to this pain through the ego. At one level I was feeling their supressed pain and my mind was confused by their unkind actions. The other bit of information that came through was to double down on my sadhana  practice. My energy was down and it’s my responsibility to get it up again.  As soon as I practiced another meditation, I felt my heart and my perception shift and I could see reality again. Sometimes we need more than just our morning sadhana practice – we need to use the technology during our days too.

Is the Darkness Winning Over the Light? 

The Truth is that we are in  the process of a deep healing and purification of the collective unconscious of humanity. Healing is not pretty, tidy or nice, as all the dark areas of the human psyche are being revealed. The darkness has no power. It’s like when you unplug your laptop and it’s running on battery. It is only a matter of time when you have to plug in again. Well this old consciousness cannot plug in anywhere – it’s been stripped of it’s power – so it’s simply a matter of time until it dies.

Become the Holy Witness

So we watch – we become the Holy Witness of this consciousness dying. We witness, but not with a closed heart or a lack of compassion for our fellow man. We feel all that we see and we act when the spirit guides us. Instead of focusing on the dark –bring your attention to the Light that is already here – that wants expression through you. If you are surrounded by the dark – be the Light. If you are surrounded by cruelty – be kind. If you are surrounded by fear – be love. Do not underestimate how important this is for your fellow humans to be reminded of their divinity by watching you. A small spark inside them will be rekindled through the power of your presence.

When disillusionment arises, the temptation is to just shut down and withdrawal into yourself. Or become angry and blame the perpetrators, the bullies, the ones that seem to be wielding the power. Both these approaches come from the ego and will get you nowhere. This is NOT the time to shut down by getting angry; you are shutting down your sensitivity. By withdrawing into your mind, you are shutting down your sensitivity.

When You Feel Overwhelmed by Life and Disillusioned

  • Stop, breathe and ask your Divine Self for guidance
  • Pray to know the Truth
  • FEEL your feelings, whether that is anger, sadness or fear
  • Talk to someone you trust about how you are feeling
  • Practice a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to get yourself together again and raise your Consciousness

Your Work 

The work for you is to walk this Earth vibrating  peace, love and harmony. Your work is to be a living example of Truth – to be the someone who lives not from the ego but from her/his Soul. This is not an easy task that is being asked of you but you have the tools to succeed. Your real sadhana is living your life in Truth.

Here is a meditation to practice when you are in the depths of disillusionment and despair.

Please Leave Your Comments Below the Video.


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How to Bring Equality into Your Relationships

The New Cycle of Human Experience began on  January 21/17 and was kicked off by millions of women and men gathering all around global calling for Equality. In 2017 we are collectively transmuting the shadow pattern of Inequality from our DNA. So we’ve started off with a bang! Click to see what else is in store for 2017 in case you missed it the video. 

Our relationships to one another are becoming more and more important on our Spiritual Journey. Collectively, we need to create harmony with one another so that we can work together to create a new earth for the Aquarian Age. Yes, trying to get 7 billion people to get along is overwhelming but we can start with our personal relationships right now!

How to Bring Equality Into Your Relationships

Here is a video that points out why achieving  harmony in human relationships is so difficult. What is the true obstacle that keeps peace from entering our relationships. And one thing you can do right now to shift your relationships.  Please Leave Your Comments Below:


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2017 Forecast – The Alchemy of Family and the Rise of the Feminine

The NEW HUMAN CYCLE of EXPERIENCE begins January 21/22, 2017 – The Real New Year!

Each new year can be tracked by reading the Neutrino Mandala (64 archetypes of creation). The neutrino stream is an invisible guiding force that is guiding humanity into the great Age of Aquarius. The 2017 Forecast explores many o the themes this year.

Are you feeling the build up of this pressure to evolve and change? Throughout our human history before there has been a  mutation of our species – there has been crisis points and chaos all over the planet.  It can be a frightening time for many as all of our old security structures are dissolving (government, economic, education, health and religion). Each year collectively humanity is transmuting specific shadow patterns that keep us behind the veil and in separation.  We are heading into Unity Consciousness for the Aquarian Age so these shadow patterns must be played out in the external world. This highest frequency of  this year’s theme has to do with Equality of all humans, the rise of the feminine and your Spiritual Family.     How does Donald Trump fit into the Evolutionary Picture? What challenges is 2017 bringing to us? Watch the video below and be sure to leave your comments.

Also please join me and others as we join in Light to bring in this New Cycle. Meditation starts January 19, 2017 @ 6:30 PM (EST). Click to receive a reminder.

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2016 Review – The Darkening of the Light for Humanity

Yes, the man made calendar says that it’s the New Year – 2017 but the energy says something different. There’s a reason only 4% of New Year’s Resolutions stick. It’s because according to the Neutrino Mandala, January 1st falls on the shadow frequency of Struggle! This means that energetically that this is NOT the time to initiate the new. It’s still  a time for deep inner reflection of what happened to you in 2016. The collective theme of 2016 was the Darkening of the Light.

Collectively, in 2016 we saw the dark night of the Soul for humanity. All the ugliness of the shadow side of our species came rising to the top.  The sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia – all that keeps us separate from one another. We were to transmute this shadow (fear) frequency to embrace our Humanity. Did we succeed? Did you succeed this year?  Did you open your heart? Did you surrender your ego to your Higher Self a little bit more? Did you forgive?

The New cycle of human experience starts January 21, 2017 when the hexagram moves  back to the start point of the Neutrino Mandala. This is the real beginning so until then gain some clarity before setting your new goals for 2017.

Take pause and do a 2016 Review.

Watch this short video to learn more about the themes of 2016 and a Kundalini Yoga meditation to help you integrate the lessons.

Please leave your comments below. How was 2016 for you?


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