Get Happy – Go On a Victim Cleanse

 No one ever wants to be the victim, yet if you look deeply into the dark recesses of your mind you will find this Archetypal Energy lurking and waiting to sabotage your Soul’s evolution. If you are a human, then you have this energy that you must transmute to enter into the Age of Aquarius.


It’s time for a Victim Cleanse. We are obsessed with cleansing the physical body – why not cleanse  the Mind that is really clogging your life up with negativity and waste?

Here are 5 Ways to Cleanse the Victim Out of Your System 

Don’t Feed the Victim

Don’t seek out stories that places someone as the victim and someone else as the abuser. Stories such as,  “How to Know If He Is a Psychopath”, “How to Identify a Narcissist” or  “How to Spot a Sociopath”.  Facebook is littered with these types of posts. The Victim loves these stories. Put them under one root and call them, “ Keep-My-Victim-Alive-Live-In-Fear-Of-Other-People’s-Stories”

Take Responsibility 

In the Aquarian Age we must become Spiritual Adults and this means taking responsibility for our creations. If there is something or someone in your life – a part of you wants it there.  Even if you consciously don’t want it – your Victim is choosing for it to be there. Usually there is some sort of pay-off for the Victim to have it there. Hint –  the answer has to do with not living your Higher Purpose.

Move Out of Lack

The yummiest junk food binge for the Victim is, “There’s no money”, or “I can’t afford that – it’s too expensive”.  How many times has the Victim stopped you from stretching yourself through these excuses? Again, if there is a lack in your life – then you want it there. The Universe is Abundant and the Victim keeps you from realizing this Spiritual Truth.

Is your Victim fighting with you yet? Good – Keep reading this article which includes a  short yogic exercise. Better yet, watch the Youtube video (below article) and practice it with me.

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Stand Out and Drop the Victim Nonsense

Imagine if the Great Masters such as Jesus, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Buddha, or Ramana Maharishi all listened to their Victim: “I have no power – who me?  Don’t look to me for any help. I am just like you.” It’s like you are with a group of people and everyone is lost and you are the one with the GPS. But you are trying to throw it out the window: “Look, I don’t know where we are either.” This is what the Victim is telling you to do – stay small – stay in the illusion of who you think you are. It’s ridiculous.

Yogic Exercise for Empowerment

Inhale deeply and imagine the word “Victory” in your third eye.

Exhale all the air out and imagine the word “Victim” leaving you.

(3 mins.)

In Closing

As you go on a Victim Cleanse  – watch your posture change – watch your relationships change – watch your life change. This Power that you will feel does not come from the EGO – it comes from the Divine – this is the true meaning of Empowerment.

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Symptoms that you’re Evolving for the Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age shift creates a lot of pressure on the Mind and with that comes some unpleasant physical symptoms. These symptoms are showing you that your vibrational frequency is increasing and you are releasing ancestral memories.

symptoms of aquarian shift

Some Aquarian Age Shift Symptoms

Night and Day Sweats

This is where it seems like your temperature increases for no reason. It may be cold outside and you are flushed and visibly sweating. You can wake up in the night and your body is drenched in sweat. It will last for about 10 – 15 minutes and then you are back to normal. Whatever “normal” means these days!

Frequent Urination

You maybe urinating more frequently and usually during the night. Or you feel suddenly very thirsty and drinking inordinate amounts of water and still unable to quench your thirst.

Water Retention

During the day you feel that you are retaining water in you body. It can feel like a bloating or puffiness.

Extra Sensitive

You may be feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable in the world.  And also crying out of blue for no good reason which adds to this compulsion to guard your heart.


You may be reflecting on people and experiences from your past unprompted by you. This could be through night dreams or day dreams. Also you may forget things – like what you did yesterday or last week. It can feel like your memory  is disappearing.

What Does it have to Do with Water?

The Truth is we are in the middle of an evolutionary process as a humanity. These symptoms are signaling that you are evolving and that your vibrational frequency is increasing. It’s a very practical thing – not woo woo.

You will note that each symptom relates to the element of water – urination  – sweating – crying and yes memory. Human memory is stored in the elements – more specifically in the element of water.

You will note too that water is in our collective awareness. There have been more and more droughts in California, India and the Middle East for example. Drinking water has being tainted with chemicals  through fracking especially in the United States. The oceans are rising through global warming.  There has been more and more flooding and torrential rains in certain parts of the world.

So what’s Going On?

The magnetic field of the Earth is loosening through the Solar Flare Activity. The collective memory of humanity is held in place through the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. So memories are being released from deep with the collective unconscious mind.

Remember the January Video that I did – this year is about purification. We are purifying our collective memories – our ancestral memories. Whatever challenges you are going through right now in your life – know that your ancestors faced these same challenges in different forms. For example if you are struggling with money issues – your ancestors were struggling with putting food on the table or  a warm roof over their head. The issue is survival – first chakra issues.

This is why the challenges that we face now are so emotionally intense – because your ancestral memory is fueling it. All those memories of when your ancestors died of starvation or froze to death or their loved ones died are inside you.  For example, if you are trying to gather enough money to pay your rent at the end of the month or pay your visa bill  – emotionally it can FEEL  like you are starving to death.

So the memories are surfacing through the water in your physical body and they need to be released through sweating, tears and urination.  

The Ancient Flood

You know we had an ancient flood – it  rained for 40 days and 40 nights which purified the Earth. Now we are having an Inner Flood that is purifying each one of us at a very deep level but you are not alone – you have generations and generations of all the memories of your ancestors.

What you can do to make this Purification Process more Gentle?

Bless the water

Bless the water you drink. Bless the shower. Bless the warm bath water. Bless the swimming pool you swim in. The blessing can be as simple as, “ I bless this water with healing properties.” By blessing you raise the frequency of the water.

Honor your Emotions

We are evolving through our emotional body so honor your emotions without getting caught up in them. Feel them while remaining detached at the same time which means don’t let the mind make up stories about why you feel vulnerable and extra sensitive.

Laugh at Memory Loss

If you don’t remember something – it is a blessing from the Infinite. We are coming more and more into the timeless – the present – the now. If it is important you will remember. If you are in front of the ATM and can’t remember your PIN – calm down and ask the Infinite – the number will magically appear in your awareness.

Keep Thoughts Positive

No matter what negative emotions arise – do not go into victim. Your attitude about what is going on in your life is most important during this time.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Clear the Water Element

This meditation will give you clarity by purifying the water element. This in turn brings you prosperity! If you are interested in healing all relationships to prosperity – join us for the Money, Maya and Manifestation program that begins soon. I will link a video so you can learn more about it.

Click the video below with link to Meditation. Please Leave your Comments Below:


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What’s the Root of Hatred in Humanity?

The world can seem chaotic now with all the political corruption coming to the surface, mass shootings and social uprisings around the globe. For you as a sensitive person, it can bring  a mixture of anger, depression, hopelessness and disillusionment.

During this time it is important for you to remind yourself  that there is a spiritual dimension to everything that we see in this world. Do not trust what you see with your two physical eyes. There is an invisible loving force that is guiding humanity in its evolution.

In the Aquarian Age, the unconscious must be made conscious. All the greeblies (the underbelly of humanity) must be seen so that it can heal.

This external world is an effect not a cause. The cause is the consciousness of Truth moving through the collective Unconscious of Humanity. The seeming chaos in the external world is the effect of this movement.  Our ancestral memory is surfacing  and that is why we are seeing the theme of hatred and division among many people.

Why? So that we can make different choices. In the Aquarian Age, humanity is coming back to Unity Consciousness – the realization that we are all ONE.  So you are faced with choice points in your life – will you choose unity (love) or separation (fear)?

Please watch this short video to learn more about what’s going on as well as Kundalini Yoga Meditation to practice to help guide you through these times of turmoil.  And be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you are feeling during this time.


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Release Anger in 3 Minutes


As we enter into the Aquarian Age, human emotions are on the rise – in particular Anger. Before reacting to this anger – release anger in three minutes with this Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technique.

Sitali Breath

This yogic breath will help calm the mind and soothe  emotions such as anger, anxiety and frustration. Also good for fevers or when you feel overheated.

Will give you a feeling of contentment.



Here is how you do it:

Sit up with a straight spine on the floor or in a chair.

Hands in gyan mudra ( pads of thumb and index finger touching).
Open mouth and curl your tongue like a taco.

INHALE through the curled tongue. Close mouth and EXHALE through the nostrils. Continue this cycle.


Practice this breath for 3 – 11 mins to bring contentment into your life.

Relax – breathe long and deep and let the energy (emotions) move. Underneath this anger is usually sadness and then comes Peace.

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Recognize the Other Person is You (Unless you don’t like them.)


One of the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age is “Recognize the Other Person is You”.

To recognize the other person is you is not just about empathy. Empathy is imagining what it must feel like to be in that person’s shoes. To recognize the other person is you is to literally see that person as you. The spiritual truth is that each person you see in the world is reflecting an aspect back to you. Each person is like one of the trillions of rays that emanate from the Sun. We come from the same source of energy. 

It’s easy to apply this teaching to the people we like and it’s quite another to apply this to people we don’t like or even hate. Yet if you deny that person – you are rejecting a part of yourself that is keeping you from wholeness, which is your healing.

In the West we don’t have public stonings anymore, because we’ve evolved – or have we? A public stoning was when a person who had committed a crime or sin was brought to the village center. Each onlooker would pick up a rock and fling it at the person in question. Now we have a modern version of public stonings on the Newsfeed of Facebook. Each person has his rock (judgement) that he flings at the person in the Comments section.

On the global stage the popular people to stone are politicians: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Back to the Aquarian Sutra – Recognize the Other Person is You. This is an absolute teaching that applies to everyone, including these two and any other person you happen to dislike. Clinton and Trump are simply playing roles for the human collective. Yes, even Trump and Clinton have a light inside each of them that we all share! We can either choose to  project our judgments – which are really our fears – or we can integrate aspects of ourselves and heal.

Every human being is holding up a mirror so that you can See Yourself in Truth.

What you notice in another is affirming what you believe about yourself. Do you see their light (truth) or do you see their darkness (illusion)? Are you affirming your light or your darkness?  It is in our relationships that we find our greatest challenge as we are all coming back  into Unity Consciousness and to the Truth that we are all One.

Instead of projecting out your fear and anger onto another – bring it back to yourself and own it. It is there that all fear and anger will be transmuted into the light of love.  The reality is only Love! Do not buy into the maya, the illusion that any one person has any power over you. Just LOVE and TRUST the Aquarian Consciousness that is being birthed into being right now.

Please watch the video for more information on this sutra. Leave your comments below:

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Sharing is Caring

The Neutrino Stream is telling us that we need to start sharing as a humanity. Sharing our outer resources as well as our inner resources.



Keywords in the Neutrino Stream are Selfishness opposes Purposelessness.

We are seeing how this dynamic is playing out in the world stage. People are calling out the 1% ruling class of the planet to start sharing their wealth with the rest of humanity. Selfishness is the belief that you are an individual separate from your fellow human beings, the planet and all of creation. The ultimate expression of selfishness is the belief that you are separate from the Divine.

Purposelessness is to live lost without a sense of higher purpose. Each person has incarnated on this planet for a purpose. Hint – it’s not to just survive. These two shadows work in tandem right now as selfishness automatically means you are without purpose. That’s because your higher purpose ALWAYS involves other human beings.

This is a time to dig up any darkened areas in the mind where you believe that you are separate from your fellow human beings. Release any beliefs from the Ego that tell you that you are responsible for only yourself and must hoard your resources. Or the Ego’s belief that there is never enough resources for me to express my higher purpose.

The way out of these limiting beliefs is by Sharing. Sharing is giving. As you give so shall you receive.

Watch this video for a more in-depth exploration with a link to a powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Control Death.

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5 Ways to Drop your Insecurity

Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, that we are broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the many false stories it tells you about yourself.

Insecurity keeps us from really living our soul’s purpose and keeps opportunities from reaching us. If you are pumping out insecure thoughts about yourself – in essence you have your hand up to the Universe saying, “no thanks, pass this happiness on to someone else – I will sit here in my littleness.”

In the Aquarian Age you must accept and experience that you have everything you need, already inside you. It is your birthright to live free from fear, doubt and worry. Do not wait for perfection before moving toward your dreams ~ that day will never come.

5 Ways to Drop Insecurity

1. Focus on Your Strengths

Each person has come into this incarnation with a unique gift to deliver to the world. What uplifts you, inspires you, gives you energy? Nurture the things that you do well – these are your unique gifts. How can these gifts serve the whole of humanity?  Become more of who you are rather than who you think you should be.

2. Drop Your Weaknesses – Let G.O.D.  Fill the Gap for You

Drop the things you think you should do, that give you a heavy heart and drain your energy.  Trust that G.O.D. (the Source of all life) will cover your weaknesses. Your weakness is another person’s strength. Form a relationship with the Infinite.  Declare, “I am going forward with my destiny, but I need you to cover me.”

3. Remember Who You Are

When you feel overwhelmed by insecurity, it is important to remember your true identity – you are a Spiritual Being of Light having human experiences. Move past the feelings of limitation and expand into your Infinite Self. You are not alone and anything is possible when you call upon your spirit.

4. Stop Listening to the Stories – The Ego is a Player

The Ego (false self) is always telling us stories in order to keep itself alive. These stories come in two flavors – Grandiosity (superiority) or Littleness (inferiority). Both of these stories are untrue. We are all equal to each other – no one is higher or lower. When you catch the Ego telling you stories – become aware of your breath – slow it down and observe. The feelings of insecurity will leave with conscious  breath.

5. Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Get Rid of Insecurity

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Depression From A Spiritual Perspective

Depression is a widespread phenomenon in our modern world. It is not what we’ve been led to believe by modern medicine. It’s steadily on the increase reaching even the youngest of children.

To try to fix an internal problem with an external solution is insane. In the Aquarian Age we are being called to follow natural spiritual laws that are the opposite of man- made laws (Ego). Ego wants you focused on the external world in an attempt to keep you from your infinite power – your Higher Purpose.

What is depression teaching us as a humanity?

Depression is a messenger.

Depression is calling you to go inside. Depression is saying enough with all of this nonsense of the internet – the texting – the TV – the chit-chatty-superficial-entertain-me-keep-me-distracted-world out there.

Depression is saying come inside I have something to say to you. Depression is saying – there is something that is not right in your world. Depression is saying that you need to let go of something from your past that you are holding on to.

If we indulge in depression – take the pills, use it to keep us in victim – we make an identity out of it. Don’t talk to me that way – I suffer from depression – You don’t understand what I go through.  When we do this we make false idols – we make the messenger into a god.  Depression is simply a messenger – get the message and the messenger can leave.

Depression is anger turned in on yourself. It takes a lot of energy to stuff that down – that is why if you are depressed you feel tired and exhausted.

And depression can be used by the EGO as a huge delay tactic. What is it delaying?  Your higher purpose. One of the ego’s function is to create blocks to you stepping up and doing your purpose.

You have been brought here by a mighty cosmic force – to help and assist humanity.

How to get rid of depression?

Watch this video to learn more that includes a link to a powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation To Get Rid of Depression.



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Lunar Eclipse – A New Day Dawns


We are now officially in the energy of the FULL MOON LUNAR Eclipse.

The Sabian symbol for this cycle is “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.”

New beginnings are in the air as we’ve moved through all the signs of the zodiac to start again with Aries. Now we’ve been gifted with energy to act upon what was seeded on the New Moon (March 8th).

Test Time
This is a pivotal time when what you seeded on the NEW MOON (March 8th) gets tested. If your ideas are coming from fear – they will quickly dissolve.

What are the inspirational seed thoughts that have been coming to you this year?
Do your ideas serve the whole of humanity?
Are they in your highest and best interest?
Do they come from love or fear?

On this Full Moon – you must drop your biggest fear.

To identify your fear is to answer the following question:

” I would follow my dream but ______”

Whatever comes after ‘but’ is your fear. It always involves a sense of lack.

“But Thoughts” come from the EGO.

Typical “but thoughts” are  “But I don’t have enough money”, “But how would I support myself?”, “After my kids are gone”, “But my partner wouldn’t like it”,  “But people in my life would disprove”, “But I am not qualified”…

All of these “but thoughts” are your fears generated by the EGO. All are a delay tactic to keep you from your higher purpose. They are not real – just a test!

What to do? 

Watch this video to find out more about this lunar eclipse and what’s going on in the Neutrino Stream.

Also, a NEW 8 Week Online Program on the Ego is coming up.

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What is the Root of Impatience?


Today is the NEW MOON Solar Eclipse which sets the tone for the next 6 months.

The key words in the Neutrino Stream are IMPATIENCE and DISHONOR.

What is impatience?

Impatience is the belief that you are victimized by time. What does it look like to feel victimized by time? You become angry at the slow driver in front of you or the elderly person counting out their change to pay for their groceries and you cut off people when they speak. This is a belief in lack – a lack of time. Who believes all of this? The EGO.

The more you identify with your ego – the more you will feel victimized by time. 

The Ego has you rushing from one thing to the next – dishonoring yourself and others.

Dishonor is to forget that your actions, thoughts and words have an effect on your fellow human beings. Dishonor is to forget your True Identity. We can see this being played out on the world stage with American politics!

We were given time in order to realize our Timeless Self.

Watch this video to learn more about How to Dismantle the EGO so that you can FEEL PEACE in the world. 

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