2016 Review – The Darkening of the Light for Humanity

Yes, the man made calendar says that it’s the New Year – 2017 but the energy says something different. There’s a reason only 4% of New Year’s Resolutions stick. It’s because according to the Neutrino Mandala, January 1st falls on the shadow frequency of Struggle! This means that energetically that this is NOT the time to initiate the new. It’s still  a time for deep inner reflection of what happened to you in 2016. The collective theme of 2016 was the Darkening of the Light.

Collectively, in 2016 we saw the dark night of the Soul for humanity. All the ugliness of the shadow side of our species came rising to the top.  The sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia – all that keeps us separate from one another. We were to transmute this shadow (fear) frequency to embrace our Humanity. Did we succeed? Did you succeed this year?  Did you open your heart? Did you surrender your ego to your Higher Self a little bit more? Did you forgive?

The New cycle of human experience starts January 21, 2017 when the hexagram moves  back to the start point of the Neutrino Mandala. This is the real beginning so until then gain some clarity before setting your new goals for 2017.

Take pause and do a 2016 Review.

Watch this short video to learn more about the themes of 2016 and a Kundalini Yoga meditation to help you integrate the lessons.

Please leave your comments below. How was 2016 for you?


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Patience as a Spiritual Practice

Patience as a powerful spiritual practice for many reasons.  Patience opens your heart. Patience increases your vibrational frequency. Patience brings you prosperity. Patience makes you more creative. Patience is good for your health and your relationships.

Impatience is the rooted in the fear that time is running out – that we don’t have enough time to get everything accomplished. The more identified with your ego – the more you will feel victimized by clock time.

5 Ways to Bring Patience into Your Life

Be Fully in the Present Moment

Yes it is easy to be in the present moment when life seems to be peachy and everything going your way. It is quite another to be present when you are in a store lineup, in traffic or in front if a challenging person.  If you find yourself in the frequency of impatience, resist the pressure to grab your phone to see the latest instagram picture, text or facebook feed. Instead stop yourself and bring your attention to your breath and begin breathing  long and deep only through your nostrils. You will start to notice things that you didn’t before – you will see the beauty in that moment that would have slipped by if you were on your phone.

Patience is about Attitude

To be patient is not just about waiting and allowing your mind to run rampant in resistance. Can you wait while maintaining a high frequency attitude?  Can you see the silver lining in all of your experiences? This means to Trust that the Universe is benevolent and only serving your highest evolution. Example, if you are stuck in a traffic jam tell yourself, “Thank you I may have been protected by an accident if I were not stopped.” Do no see annoyances – see it as a service to your well being.

Patience Opens your Heart

When you are patient, your belly relaxes and this in turn opens the heart. Remember that as a humanity we are going through a powerful evolution in our awareness system that is rooted in the Solar Plexus.  We are moving from the mind into an emotional (spiritual ) awareness system for the Aquarian Age.  The self-sensory system is coming online. The Aquarian Age is demanding that we all move into our hearts and one of the best ways is to bring patience to your experiences, with others and yourself.  Do you notice when you live from your heart – time seems to stand still?

Patience increases your Prosperity

Patience allows you to slow down which increases your vibration. When you slow down you come in synch with the heart beat of the earth (shuuman resonance) and this in turn makes you more radiant. You become more magnetic which attracts prosperity to you on all levels –   health, relationships and material.  When you slow down you are connected to the Aquarian Consciousness which is fertile in its creativity which brings solutions to your many challenges in life.

Nowhere to Go

Despite what the mind and ego tell you – there is really nowhere to go. You can’t escape yourself. Where you are is where you are. Patience is about trusting the natural rhythms and harmony of the earth. It is about trusting that there is a right timing for everything.

If you knew you were a spiritual being having human experiences would you be patient?

If you knew that you were a timeless being that falsely believed you were trapped in time – would you be more patient in life?

Try to take the opportunities to slow down, move out of clock time and enjoy your life – it’s the only one you got!


Meditation to Bring Patience

One Minute Breath

Sit in easy pose

Put hands in gyan mudra (thumb and index finger touching) resting on your knees

Inhale slowly though the nostrils  for 20 seconds

Suspend the breath for 20 seconds

Exhale slowly through the nostrils for 20 seconds

Practice for at least 3 mins

( You can also build up to 20 sec – start with 10 seconds)

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How Do I Surrender?

You hear the word surrender thrown about in many spiritual circles. It’s the answer that is often thoughtlessly given to any problem – “Just surrender to the Divine”.

how to surrender

Surrender Versus Resignation? 

What is the frequency behind this word surrender? Let’s start by exploring what it is not. Most people confuse surrender with resignation. This is the ego’s version of surrender – to give up – to lose – a weakness. Resignation is to believe begrudgingly that nothing will ever change so give up trying. Resignation is to lose all hope. Resignation is to lose  faith in yourself, the Divine and all of  humanity. Underneath resignation is depression, anger and fear. This fear leads to indifference – a shutting down of the heart. Resignation is deeply disempowering to the self and it exhausts your energy. In this time in our human history we are in danger of falling into a mass indifference to our life events.

What is Surrender?

Surrender is to place your complete trust in a natural intelligence that is guiding you through time and space.  It takes great strength and courage to surrender your life over the Divine. The Aquarian Age is demanding that we shift our authority from the mind over to our Soul.  All the pressure you are feeling in your life is guiding you to this important step.

For example, if you are presently unemployed and no job or money seems to be on the horizon. Can you give this challenge to the Divine? Can you trust that whatever is happening in your life is perfect and true for you. Can you sit with your fear, anger and frustration and still trust? Can you watch your worrisome mind and still smile? Can you trust that the Divine will not allow you to go without what you need.

5 Benefits to Surrender

Surrender allows your body to relax. It brings you back to your original state of openness and relaxation. Your body relaxes when your mind relaxes. Each of the trillions of cells in your body will expand with light thereby bringing you a sense of wellbeing.

Surrender brings ease into your life. The ego loves struggle, drama and hardship and will always point you in that direction. Surrender guides you to the easiest and most efficient way forward.

Surrender gives your angels and guides something to do. We are all gifted with divine support on the other side of the veil but we have to ask. The ego is much too proud to ask for support. Start to ask your angels and guides for support in your life from the little upsets to the big upsets.

Surrender invites Grace into your life. As you begin to surrender more and more in your life. You will begin to see Grace at work. Grace is a subtle force like the hand of GOD behind all your life experiences. When we are caught up in our EGO we do not experience this Grace – we believe that we are alone and must do everything ourselves.

Surrender puts you in an elevated state of consciousness. This is what is meant to be in the world but not of the world. It’s like the DIVINE puts a magical cloak on you and things that you used to bother you don’t get near you. Surrender puts you in an optimistic frame of mind because your faith in the Divine is fortified. Feel good endorphins will start to release so that you can truly live with an open loving heart.

Are you sold on the power of surrender? Write down your comments or your challenges and victories with Surrender.

Meanwhile here is a link to a kundalini yoga meditation help the mind and body to relax into a state of surrender by releasing fear.






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Post US Election – Choose Love

post US election

Today is the post US election and a shock to most people.  It can seem like the darkness has overcome the light. It can seem like a bleak world and all the ground we have made as a human species in the last 50 years is lost. Are we regressing?  Yes and No.  Yes because the old ancestral stories are coming up from deep within the unconscious of humanity to be healed. Old stories from history swirl  about in the Maya like Black Live Matters, Dakota Pipeline, Sexism, Racism, Homophobia, Reproductive Rights, Nazism, Xenophobia and more. It’s all here  BUT to be HEALED not to repeat history.

You Can’t Step in the Same River Twice

You can’t step into the same consciousness twice – it is impossible. You are either evolving or dying. When you choose fear and separation you are choosing the EGO which is death. When you chose LOVE and UNITY – you are choosing evolution into the Aquarian Age.

Understand Through Compassion or Misunderstand the Times

You must understand the Ego. Most people are still under the rule of the Ego which is the darkness of the Piscean Age. We are going through great change and the Ego has 3 Strategies for this kind of change.

  1. Go Back to the Past – to make something great again.
  2. Go into Scarcity Consciousness. Hoarding wealth and resources. “What’s in it for me” mentality.
  3. Isolate and withdraw into yourself. Go into a fantasy about how a savior will come and make it all better.

All of this is based in fear. So when someone comes a long and says, ” I am your savior. I can relieve you of your suffering. Just follow me.” The ego follows the ego.

So beneath the anger, rage, judgement and blame are scared little children. People are frightened. What do we do with fearful little children – We LOVE them.  When people misbehave – they are sending out an SOS for LOVE.

 Choose Love

I know this can be challenging for some but We must open our Hearts like never before. We must reach deep within us and find that LOVE to spread to the world. We must care for each other like never before. In order for you to do this, you must release fear from your body,mind and heart.

Watch this video for more with a link to Release Fear. Please share this with friends and family who need support right now.

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How to Stay Sane in an Insane World


The New Moon is October 30, 2016 at 1:38 PM (EST) The sabian symbol for this NEW MOON In Scorpio is “Divers of the Deep Sea are Being Lowered into the Waters”.

An ominous image that points to delving deep into the subconscious and unconscious  mind. The subconscious mind  is your personal recorder and storehouse of all your memories – from this lifetime and past lives.  Often we don’t realize how this part of our mind is driving our experiences here on planet earth. Have you noticed those repeating themes in your life? Attracting the same people over and over to you. They may have different names and bodies but basically they are basically the same person? The same money problems that won’t go away? The same complaints about your relationships? This is the subconscious mind attempting  to clear itself out of stuck memories and emotional baggage from your past.

Go Deep or Go Home

This moon cycle calls us to go deeper into our life experiences. The technological age has brought humanity many gifts but it also brought shadows as well.  Technology keeps us distracted and skidding the surface of life. We live in a world that provides us quick fixes to deep rooted problems. We falsely believe that we have nothing to do with creating our reality.  A perfect example is the upcoming US presidential election. The human collective focuses  on the throwing stones at the people who are found to be corrupt and dishonest. The Universe is a one big mirror that is reflecting what is going on in the unconscious mind of humanity.  So to judge others as corrupt and dishonest  is like punching a mirror. Who get’s hurt? Only you. The ones who are the most vehement in their judgement are the same ones who possess the same quality as their target. Have you noticed that about your partner or a close friend? When you listen to them complain about someone else  – you notice that they do the exact same thing but they are not aware of it.


We are living in insane times that are calling us to go inward to our Divine Nature. This is how we stay sane and centered during this chaos. You can no longer find security in the external world. Reach for your Deeper Being where it is peaceful.  To do you part to change and heal the world means that you have to take responsibility for your own shadows. This takes self-awareness and a deep humility to the Infinite.

Watch this video to learn more which links up to a Kundalini Yoga Meditation to help move through these times. Please Leave your Comments and Share.


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What is Self Value? How can I Value Myself?


The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A woman wearing pastel clothes caring a heavy and valuable but veiled load.”

This powerful image relates to our sense of value in the world. This Full Moon is showing us that our Divine Gifts can become a burden if we do not share them with the rest of humanity.

The Aquarian Age is the Age of Self – Empowerment. Each one of us is being pressurized by life to discover our innate self-value which is directly related to our Higher Purpose.

No One  Can Give You Your Self Value – Only You Can!

Many people I work with tell me that they struggle with self value. They generally don’t  feel worthy that they have anything valuable to contribute to the world. They neither feel adequate nor good about themselves.

Where Does this Come From? Watch this video to learn more with a Link to a FREE Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Self Value.

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Venus in Scorpio – No More Playing Nicey-Nice

Venus just moved into Scorpio on Sept 23, 2016



Venus in Scorpio will be a welcome relief for those people who value honesty and getting to the root of all matters.

The Planet Venus

Venus is a personal planet and represents our deepest values. This planet rules Taurus and Libra so it is about what we value in our relationships with one another (Libra) and our own inner self-value (Taurus). Our values represent what is important to us at a deep soul level. When Venus moves into a sign, we can see it reflected in the collective of humanity. Our focus in energy and attention shifts into the qualities of that sign.

Venus in Libra

Venus has been in Libra since August 29, 2016.

When Venus is in Libra it can make people:

  • Fickle and Unable to Make Any Commitments – going back and forth in your mind but no action is taken.
  • Easily Fooled by the Illusions (Maya) and distracted by shiny things along your path. Chasing things, ideas or people that you are not seeing in Truth.
  • Compromising Your Authentic Self in Order to Appear Nice. This is when you say things just to be nice so that you keep the peace with someone else.

The origins of the word nice had a negative meaning. “The word nice, derived from Latin nescius meaning ‘ignorant’, began life in the 14th century as a term for ‘foolish’ or ‘silly’.”

Venus in Scorpio

I love Scorpio because it’s not afraid to speak the truth. I am sure the child in Hans Christian Andersen’s story The Emperor Has No Clothes was a little Scorpio.

When Venus is in Scorpio it can make people:

  • No Longer Tolerate the Deception by other people in their world. This will be interesting to see how this plays out on our collective stage.
  • Focus on the Truth. Getting to the truth of the matter will be more important than maintaining false harmony within your relationships. Scorpio is not afraid to look under the rock to uncover the nasty stuff that most people don’t want to see or even acknowledge.
  • Uncover What’s Motivating Their Behavior. Scorpio makes people natural detectives. Scorpio is like a dog with a bone – it won’t let go until you get to the very bottom of your behavior. Scorpio’s favorite word is, “Why?” “Why do I think this way?” “Why do I continually create this experience ?”

If you are ready to finally buckle down and discover what is driving your behaviors, beliefs and negative self-concepts, then join me and others for the next 8 Week Online Program – Money Maya and Manifestation.  

If you LOVE Scorpio you will love these programs.

To discover More – Check out my FREE Mini-Prosperity Series Videos with Meditations.

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Get Happy – Go On a Victim Cleanse

 No one ever wants to be the victim, yet if you look deeply into the dark recesses of your mind you will find this Archetypal Energy lurking and waiting to sabotage your Soul’s evolution. If you are a human, then you have this energy that you must transmute to enter into the Age of Aquarius.


It’s time for a Victim Cleanse. We are obsessed with cleansing the physical body – why not cleanse  the Mind that is really clogging your life up with negativity and waste?

Here are 5 Ways to Cleanse the Victim Out of Your System 

Don’t Feed the Victim

Don’t seek out stories that places someone as the victim and someone else as the abuser. Stories such as,  “How to Know If He Is a Psychopath”, “How to Identify a Narcissist” or  “How to Spot a Sociopath”.  Facebook is littered with these types of posts. The Victim loves these stories. Put them under one root and call them, “ Keep-My-Victim-Alive-Live-In-Fear-Of-Other-People’s-Stories”

Take Responsibility 

In the Aquarian Age we must become Spiritual Adults and this means taking responsibility for our creations. If there is something or someone in your life – a part of you wants it there.  Even if you consciously don’t want it – your Victim is choosing for it to be there. Usually there is some sort of pay-off for the Victim to have it there. Hint –  the answer has to do with not living your Higher Purpose.

Move Out of Lack

The yummiest junk food binge for the Victim is, “There’s no money”, or “I can’t afford that – it’s too expensive”.  How many times has the Victim stopped you from stretching yourself through these excuses? Again, if there is a lack in your life – then you want it there. The Universe is Abundant and the Victim keeps you from realizing this Spiritual Truth.

Is your Victim fighting with you yet? Good – Keep reading this article which includes a  short yogic exercise. Better yet, watch the Youtube video (below article) and practice it with me.

NEW – Read Below: Money, Maya and Manifestation. Let go of your fear of the material world so that you can do your Higher Purpose. FREE Tools to get you started.

Stand Out and Drop the Victim Nonsense

Imagine if the Great Masters such as Jesus, Krishna, Guru Nanak, Buddha, or Ramana Maharishi all listened to their Victim: “I have no power – who me?  Don’t look to me for any help. I am just like you.” It’s like you are with a group of people and everyone is lost and you are the one with the GPS. But you are trying to throw it out the window: “Look, I don’t know where we are either.” This is what the Victim is telling you to do – stay small – stay in the illusion of who you think you are. It’s ridiculous.

Yogic Exercise for Empowerment

Inhale deeply and imagine the word “Victory” in your third eye.

Exhale all the air out and imagine the word “Victim” leaving you.

(3 mins.)

In Closing

As you go on a Victim Cleanse  – watch your posture change – watch your relationships change – watch your life change. This Power that you will feel does not come from the EGO – it comes from the Divine – this is the true meaning of Empowerment.

If you are ready to act on your Higher Purpose, then please join us for the 8 Week Online Program – Money, Maya and Manifestation starting soon. Join the FACEBOOK EVENT to stay in the loop and  receive a Free Video Prosperity Mini-Series to prepare for the program.

Watch the Video and Please Leave Your Comments Below:

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Symptoms that you’re Evolving for the Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age shift creates a lot of pressure on the Mind and with that comes some unpleasant physical symptoms. These symptoms are showing you that your vibrational frequency is increasing and you are releasing ancestral memories.

symptoms of aquarian shift

Some Aquarian Age Shift Symptoms

Night and Day Sweats

This is where it seems like your temperature increases for no reason. It may be cold outside and you are flushed and visibly sweating. You can wake up in the night and your body is drenched in sweat. It will last for about 10 – 15 minutes and then you are back to normal. Whatever “normal” means these days!

Frequent Urination

You maybe urinating more frequently and usually during the night. Or you feel suddenly very thirsty and drinking inordinate amounts of water and still unable to quench your thirst.

Water Retention

During the day you feel that you are retaining water in you body. It can feel like a bloating or puffiness.

Extra Sensitive

You may be feeling extra sensitive and vulnerable in the world.  And also crying out of blue for no good reason which adds to this compulsion to guard your heart.


You may be reflecting on people and experiences from your past unprompted by you. This could be through night dreams or day dreams. Also you may forget things – like what you did yesterday or last week. It can feel like your memory  is disappearing.

What Does it have to Do with Water?

The Truth is we are in the middle of an evolutionary process as a humanity. These symptoms are signaling that you are evolving and that your vibrational frequency is increasing. It’s a very practical thing – not woo woo.

You will note that each symptom relates to the element of water – urination  – sweating – crying and yes memory. Human memory is stored in the elements – more specifically in the element of water.

You will note too that water is in our collective awareness. There have been more and more droughts in California, India and the Middle East for example. Drinking water has being tainted with chemicals  through fracking especially in the United States. The oceans are rising through global warming.  There has been more and more flooding and torrential rains in certain parts of the world.

So what’s Going On?

The magnetic field of the Earth is loosening through the Solar Flare Activity. The collective memory of humanity is held in place through the strength of the earth’s magnetic field. So memories are being released from deep with the collective unconscious mind.

Remember the January Video that I did – this year is about purification. We are purifying our collective memories – our ancestral memories. Whatever challenges you are going through right now in your life – know that your ancestors faced these same challenges in different forms. For example if you are struggling with money issues – your ancestors were struggling with putting food on the table or  a warm roof over their head. The issue is survival – first chakra issues.

This is why the challenges that we face now are so emotionally intense – because your ancestral memory is fueling it. All those memories of when your ancestors died of starvation or froze to death or their loved ones died are inside you.  For example, if you are trying to gather enough money to pay your rent at the end of the month or pay your visa bill  – emotionally it can FEEL  like you are starving to death.

So the memories are surfacing through the water in your physical body and they need to be released through sweating, tears and urination.  

The Ancient Flood

You know we had an ancient flood – it  rained for 40 days and 40 nights which purified the Earth. Now we are having an Inner Flood that is purifying each one of us at a very deep level but you are not alone – you have generations and generations of all the memories of your ancestors.

What you can do to make this Purification Process more Gentle?

Bless the water

Bless the water you drink. Bless the shower. Bless the warm bath water. Bless the swimming pool you swim in. The blessing can be as simple as, “ I bless this water with healing properties.” By blessing you raise the frequency of the water.

Honor your Emotions

We are evolving through our emotional body so honor your emotions without getting caught up in them. Feel them while remaining detached at the same time which means don’t let the mind make up stories about why you feel vulnerable and extra sensitive.

Laugh at Memory Loss

If you don’t remember something – it is a blessing from the Infinite. We are coming more and more into the timeless – the present – the now. If it is important you will remember. If you are in front of the ATM and can’t remember your PIN – calm down and ask the Infinite – the number will magically appear in your awareness.

Keep Thoughts Positive

No matter what negative emotions arise – do not go into victim. Your attitude about what is going on in your life is most important during this time.

Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Clear the Water Element

This meditation will give you clarity by purifying the water element. This in turn brings you prosperity! If you are interested in healing all relationships to prosperity – join us for the Money, Maya and Manifestation program that begins soon. I will link a video so you can learn more about it.

Click the video below with link to Meditation. Please Leave your Comments Below:


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What’s the Root of Hatred in Humanity?

The world can seem chaotic now with all the political corruption coming to the surface, mass shootings and social uprisings around the globe. For you as a sensitive person, it can bring  a mixture of anger, depression, hopelessness and disillusionment.

During this time it is important for you to remind yourself  that there is a spiritual dimension to everything that we see in this world. Do not trust what you see with your two physical eyes. There is an invisible loving force that is guiding humanity in its evolution.

In the Aquarian Age, the unconscious must be made conscious. All the greeblies (the underbelly of humanity) must be seen so that it can heal.

This external world is an effect not a cause. The cause is the consciousness of Truth moving through the collective Unconscious of Humanity. The seeming chaos in the external world is the effect of this movement.  Our ancestral memory is surfacing  and that is why we are seeing the theme of hatred and division among many people.

Why? So that we can make different choices. In the Aquarian Age, humanity is coming back to Unity Consciousness – the realization that we are all ONE.  So you are faced with choice points in your life – will you choose unity (love) or separation (fear)?

Please watch this short video to learn more about what’s going on as well as Kundalini Yoga Meditation to practice to help guide you through these times of turmoil.  And be sure to leave a comment and let me know how you are feeling during this time.


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