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Meditation for Insecurity and Fear

Here is a full kundalini yoga meditation to get rid of insecurity.  It uses the mantra “GOBINDA GOBINDA HARI HARI” said to be the favorite mantras of the Angels. Practice and leave your comment to let me know how it

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Are you Feeling like a ‘scardey cat’ ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear.

Feeling Like a Scardey Cat – Fear, Anxiety, Insomnia or Despair ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear with 3 min Kundalini Yoga Meditation that works !

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How Can I Live from my Heart ? – You Don’t Know my Family !

This is the last holiday season before the dawning of 2012. The ancients tell us to live from the heart – let go of our grudges and grievances – live in Truth. How can I live from my heart this holiday season? It is impossible – you don’t know my family!

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5 Things You Need to Know to Pass Earth School

When life is tough, we need to remember that we live in a grand Earth School and we’re really here to learn lessons for our spiritual growth. In this school, not all teachers come in the form of humans. The

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5 Ways to Overcome Fear and Despair with Kundalini Yoga

Anyone who has been following the news knows we are living in uncertain times. The severity and frequency of earth changes is increasing with a record number earthquakes, tsunamis and other strange weather phenomenon. Along with the uprisings in the

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The Big BOO HOO with the Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart

[youtube=]   When you commit to the Spiritual Journey one of the things that you can’t avoid is called the big boo hoo. The BIG BOO HOOis the big cry — the sobbing — where your body is shaking, eyes

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Heal a Broken Heart with Kundalini Yoga Meditation

Each one of us has  had our hearts broken through betrayal, hurt and disappointment. It is just part of the human experience.  A broken heart is a  real thing and not just some ‘sappy’ song you hear on the radio.

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Got the Winter Blues ? 5 Ways to Keep your Energy Up This Winter.

As we draw closer to the winter equinox, (Dec 21) the days are getting shorter and shorter. This lack of light can dramatically affect our mood and energy levels. It can trigger feelings of  irritability, pessimism, fatigue and general mental

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5 Ways to Drop your Insecurities

Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the many false stories

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Be My Valentine – 5 Ways to to Find Your Soulmate

According to the ancient yogis we have 10 yogic bodies. The first body is the soul. The soul is your very own best friend – your soul mate – where you tap into your excellence as a human being. The

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