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The New Cycle of Human Experience begins Jan 22, 2014

The world has told you the New Year began January 1. 2014. This is not true. In the Aquarian Age, what matters is Energy – and in terms of energy – the new year cycle has not begun – yet

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The Greatest Gift you Can Give this Holiday Season and It’s Free

We have all been conditioned to believe that the holidays should be joyous and fun , peaceful in that everyone should magically get along. Abundant – lots of gifts – lots of great food and good cheer even though the

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Emotional Triggers and the Best Way to Handle Them

Emotional triggers can make you feel angry, sad or depressed. Somebody says something or does something that sets you off and you react by saying something snarky, or you withdraw into yourself. Emotional triggers flood your body with chemicals –

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Have you Compromised your Dreams ? You are Here to Love what you Do

The 14th hexagram of the i-ching recently moved into the position of the Sun which is in Scorpio. Just s the planets move in orbit so too do the 64 hexagrams of the i-ching. To study these ancient systems are

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Emotional Responsibility in the Aquarian Age

With the Solar Flares on the rise as well as Jupiter in the Sign of Cancer for a year – it is calling us to become real with our emotions. No longer can we suprress or deny our emotions. Whether

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Challenging Relationships are the FAST TRACK to Evolution

The energy is intense right now. We are going through a profound evolutionary change in our consciousness. It is like all of humanity is going through great birthing pains. In essence – A new Human Species is being Birthed and

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Why Can’t I Be Happy ? Why Can’t I Just Be Myself?

In the Aquarian Age we have to be ourselves – our Authentic Selves. That’s is why we are experiencing so much loss in our life right now – we are being stripped of everything that is not us – so

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How to Trust – 5 Things you Need to Know about Trust

People ask, “How Do i Trust? How do i Trust Life?”   If it is your EGO asking this question – it will ask the question – but it really doesn’t want the answer. When it does receive the answer,

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Are you a Fraidy Cat? How to Release Primal Fear

All this Change that we are seeing in the world and it our own lives can unleash tremendous Fear from the Unconscious Mind. It can trigger our ancient bodily systems to activate which puts us into survival mode – puts

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A Deeper Letting Go of the Past – It’s Not What you Think

You may be feeling frustrated at this time with your inability to let go of the past and move forward in your life. For example, you may sincerely want to let go of a past relationship and yet you catch

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