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Fall Update

  Sat Nam, There hasn’t been much action as I have been mostly called to do Video Blogging as opposed to the written word. So please visit my  Youtube Channel for my latest messages!  

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June Shadow Forecast – Silence the Noisy Mind

Did you know that each month we have particular shadow patterns that lift from the human genome? Shadows are rooted in the frequency of fear and they get broadcasted out on the world stage. This month we are clearing the shadow

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What is Self Value? How can I Value Myself?

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is “A woman wearing pastel clothes caring a heavy and valuable but veiled load.” This powerful image relates to our sense of value in the world. This Full Moon is showing us that our

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Release Anger in 3 Minutes

As we enter into the Aquarian Age, human emotions are on the rise – in particular Anger. Before reacting to this anger – release anger in three minutes with this Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technique. Sitali Breath This yogic breath

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Depression From A Spiritual Perspective

Depression is a widespread phenomenon in our modern world. It is not what we’ve been led to believe by modern medicine. It’s steadily on the increase reaching even the youngest of children. To try to fix an internal problem with

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5 Ways Your Shadow Is Undermining You

Your Shadow is that part of your personality that you’ve unconsciously buried deep inside you. Your Shadow, unless integrated by you, comes lashing out at the worst times possible, causing you to feel embarrassment and a slew of other painful emotions. You’ve  been taught

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How to Drop Your Worries

Drop Your Worries by Going to the Energetic Source of Worry The origins of the word Worry means to Strangle. Worry is a violence to the Authentic Self. We must drop our worries to fully enter into the Aquarian Age.

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5 Ways to Increase the Flow of Money

Sat Nam, People have been contacting me about the strong desire to participate in the Healing Addictions – 12 Weeks to Self-Love Online Program that launches this NEW MOON – September 13th, 2015. Yes their Soul is calling them to the

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Stuck in a Rut? You May Need a Spiritual Enema

Happy Full Moon in Aquarius!  This is a time when sudden, unexpected awarenesses will come to you. It’s as if you were outside in the dark and suddenly, out of the blue, there is a lightening bolt that illuminates the

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What to Do When Someone Does Not Like You

As teachers, leaders and healers of the Aquarian Age we must extend kindness to everyone.  It’s easy to be kind to the people who that are kind to us. It’s a huge challenge to extend kindness to those people who

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