Aquarian Age and Planetary Energies

Solar flares are on the rise. What does it mean from a spiritual perspective?

You may be feeling irritability, increased sensitivity, sleep problems, headaches, weird body pain that comes and goes, ringing in the ears, blurred vision or moments of disorientation. You may feel overwhelmed by anger, fear, sadness, fatigue and exhaustion. Watch this video to learn all you need to know

Solar Flares First Aid Kit – 5 Things You Can Do
These solar flares catalyze quantum leaps in human consciousness – with many bursts of new awareness for you. This means instantaneous insights –  “Aha! That is why this is happening to me.” or “That’s where this limiting belief came from.” And like a flash of lightening in the night sky – a quick snapshot of your life into the future is there for you to ponder over for the next couple of weeks. Watch this video to learn 5 Things You Can Do During Solar Flare Activity

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