How Do Solar Flares Affect Humans?



The ancients have warned us that we would see much Solar Activity during this time. We have entered the time of  the great  Solar Storm.  Recently on March 7th, 2015  the Sun released another M Class solar flare. It is important that you don’t go into fear and having thoughts that this is the end of the world. It is part of our evolutionary process as we enter into the Aquarian Age. The solar flare activity is about expanding our human consciousness in a profound and beautiful way!

Symptoms of Solar Flare Activity

– nervous and jittery

– surges of heat

– dizzy and spacey

-irritiable and easily annoyed

– fearful and anxious that can lead to insomnia

-head aches and feeling pressure in the head



– heart racing and/or out of breath

– emotional – easy to cry

– short term memory loss

-ringing in the ears


The solar flares are penetrating  our Solar Plexus found within the Stomach region. The Solar Plexus is our little sun that is also  flaring up. It is the emotional garburator – all buried emotions and traumas live here.  The solar flares are awakening these traumatic memories that live within the cells of our bodies.  In a nutshell, it is time to feel those emotions that you have buried since childhood and even back to the traumas from your past lives !

So you can feel grief – sadness or anger that seems to come out of nowhere.  No you are not going crazy- you are evolving!


Here is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation left to us by Yogi Bhajan to help offset the discomfort.

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