Online Healing Programs

These Online Healing Programs allow you to do this deep work from the convenience of your own home.

Teaching Structure

Each Sunday you will receive a video of spiritual teachings, a sadhana (spiritual discipline – meditation and kriya) video, print materials, audios and a homework pdf filled with questions for you to contemplate. You will own these videos (16 +) and pdfs (16+) to practice again and again. Some participants have shared that they found it beneficial to go through the program again at a much deeper level. You also can audit the course again with a new group  if you choose.

Community Support

The irony is that in the Information Age, we are becoming more connected with one another and yet we are also feeling more isolated at the same time.  The Aquarian Age is asking us to become our Authentic Self. This can be scary for most people to reveal their true selves for fear of judgment and rejection.

Catalyst Yogi Programs provide you with community support – an accepting and loving space where you can be real and practice being your True Self.  You also are paired up wth a Virtual Buddy who you connect with each week via Skype or Phone.

You will also be eligible to be part of the Catalyst Yogi Synarchy  – a global community of like minded people from all around the world ready to support you on your healing journey. A synarchy is the magical energy that brings your Soul Cluster together in one place. 

Catalyst Yogi Support

Every Sunday, there are weekly recorded group video calls with Catalyst Yogi. This is a space where you share your challenges and victories from the week that are always directly related to the theme of the module. Catalyst Yogi with compassion and wisdom will help you to move through  the blocks that are holding you back to keep you moving forward in the program. Attendance on the calls is optional. If you are unable to attend you can submit a question that will be addressed in depth on the call.

Hump Day Videos 

Every Wednesday, there will be a hump day video with additional materials with short group meditation. This is a LIVE video stream on the closed Facebook Group.

Many participants have cited deep transformation with these programs in their relationship with themselves and others. Often people have said that they were given divine gifts they didn’t even know they needed through this healing.

Do you remember who you were before the world told you who you should be?

catalyst yogi on-line programs

It’s time to reclaim your child self that was open hearted, creative and free! This is the doorway into your Authentic Self – your Divinity. There is a map that is unique to you that will guide you to happiness and fulfillment in this lifetime. I invite you to enter into the Aquarian Age!

Current Programs Available 

Shadow Mining Level 2 – Heal your Relationships – Attract and Create Healthy, Loving Relationships for the Aquarian Age


Shadow Mining Level 1 – Unlock Your Higher Purpose – Claim your Divine Gifts and Be Your Authentic Self –  Presently under construction – I am adding material to this program – LOOK for it in April 2017.

All programs have an emphasis on letting go of the past – that is where the crystallization of trapped energy occurred that is blocking you today.  Click links above to learn more about each program.

A percentage of your money goes to help homeless animals in sacred Arunachala, India. Home of Ramana Maharishi.


Kind words by supporters of the sanctuary: “It is indeed shocking to see a group of professionals and paramedicals – headed by 73 year old American – taking care of the street animals, free of cost. What dedication.

NEW! Shadow Mining Programs – Start Jan 29 -2017


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