I wanted to express my gratitude for your guidance and the Healing Childhood Wounds  Program….  It was a leap of faith for me to sign up for the program but I was in such a dark place and realized that your meditations on youtube were really helping me.
I embarked on a twelve week journey to commit to healing myself, I was determined to give it my all.  At first I was skeptical about it, even embarrassed to chant the mantras in fear that my husband would judge it as weird.  I quickly gained such inner strength and peace from the sadhanas that soon they became the most important part of my day.  I chanted the mantras loudly and proudly.  There were tough times where I found myself releasing emotions that were bottled up for years; anger, resentment, fear, hurt.  In exchange for shedding these negative self beliefs I gained a sense of inner peace that I have never experienced in my life.  Finally, I had faith and believed in something.
During the course of the 12 week program life through me some curve balls that would have completely derailed my old self.  Almost as if they were tests given by the universe to see if I could walk the walk.  Family members and friends contacted me more wanting to hang out and engage with me.  My husband marveled at how I handled all of the adversity we faced when he lost his job right before the holidays.  I began volunteering at a local public school helping kids with homework and socialization.  I also started receiving calls for wonderful job opportunities.  For the first time in my life I feel worthy of all of the love and good things that are happening.  I feel, blissful, beautiful, bountiful.
I am so grateful for your wonderful teachings and the Lighten Up program.
– D.G.


We are following Lighten Up program without missing a day and we do feel that we are becoming different people by doing this. Words can’t describe the impact. Thank you for coming into our lives when we needed! –  Couple from Hong Kong

Thank you for your caring and intelligent approach . The program and reading have been really eye opening and heart. The input and encouragement from the group is also greatly appreciated. It’s great to walk with you all. – Tom from UK

I cannot tell you invaluable the program has been- it has been the most transformational 3 months of my life –  I feel more- conscious, and more free of old stuff.

Healing Childhood Wounds Program is so well designed and the sessions with you were the most important component. And it’s so timely- I don’t think I would be navigating my life as well right now without it,  I’d still be playing the victim.  So thank you to God for putting you in my path.  – Surjot Kaur – New York


Before Healing Childhood Wounds – I was feeling stuck and numbed out  in my life. I wanted an experience to lead me to my true Self. The program was  intense in that it challenged me to do my best and to love all parts of myself. Through each of the 12 modules i looked forward to these challengess !

Week after week, I was able to clearly understand the repeating unconscious patterns that were holding me back and causing me so much suffering. The program  gives you the tools to support  you to live your life more effectively , stay in tune with your true purpose and to change your life. 

 I am very grateful to all the other people that belonged to the Facebook group. It helped to feel connected and share insights, fears and thoughts about the modules through this experience.  I am very grateful to Catalyst Yogi for this program and because he leads you through each and every step of this Soul’s  journey with an real open heart and true compassion.  – Marta – Italy


Healing Childhood Wounds took me on an unexpected journey to the darkest corners of my being, like going into a haunted house or starting a quest through an enchanted forest that, at first, looked dark and menacing, but transformed in a beautiful paradise/mansion. Fear, terror even, were mixed with excitement, eagerness and wonder when I began to enter into the darkness one step at a time. It was hard and challenging, though also very rewarding. I never felt alone; the daily kundalini practice gave me strength and reminded me of my true, eternal, fearless Self. It was comforting to know others were in the forest too, in different corners, but with similar struggles; misery enjoys company… I could hear their voices when calling to each other at particularly rough passages and that gave me peace and a sense of belonging …
I found Catalyst Yogi’s Guidance invaluable when I hit apparent dead ends or lost my way going in the ‘circles of familiar patterns/roads’. The weekly meetings felt to me like if I were ‘Luke Sky Walker’ asking Master Yoda for advice; I never left empty handed, though a tad confused at times when I wasn’t ready for the “wisdom” that, however, inevitably would make its way through my heart when the time was right.
 N.  – Toronto, Canada
At the end … I felt a different person, more complete, more “true”, more aware but -mainly- more fearless than ever. Moreover, as a result of the program, I have consciously changed gears and the compass of my life journey: I now chose Love instead of fear, shame, guilt,… my usual travel companions that seem to have been “cleansed” through my system.
Through Healing Childhood Wounds Program,  Catalyst Yogi gave me a structured program of  daily meditations  and spiritual teachings that allowed me to heal so many parts of myself, especially my wounded inner child and my ancestral demons, which helped me to see why I was so blocked and unable to find true happiness in my life.

Every week, he showed me how the Universe was bringing the perfect tests that allowed me to respond according to my truth with trust and faith that it was the right thing to do and that things would work out … and they did! He also taught me how to let go of the conditioning of my mind, which is my non-self, and how to find my life’s purpose and to trust that I would be supported by the Universe… and I am!

I never would have been able to make the changes I have made in my life during this program without his compassionate guidance and teachings. His program is truly a gift from God and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to heal their life.  – Francine Jiwan Shakti – Ottawa

“You are like a Spiritual Surgeon using kundalini meditations as your scalpel.” –  N.S.


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