Activate Your Higher Purpose

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Are You Ready to Live Your Higher Purpose?

Are you seeking more purpose and meaning in your life? Do you know deep down that you are meant for greater things? Is something inside you poking you and won’t leave you alone? This is probably your Soul reminding you that you made a sacred promise before you incarnated.

How Do You Know if You Need this Program:

  • you feel that life is passing you by day by day
  • you feel unfulfilled with your present job o
  • feel anxiety the Sunday night before going back to work
  • doing everything right but can’t seem to get your business off the ground
  • have self-worth issues and feel uncomfortable asking for money for your services?
  • needing to make a shift to a more spiritual line of work
  • don’t know where to start to find your higher purpose

A lot of our modern problems can be linked back to the feeling that our life has no purpose.

Symptoms of a lack of Higher Purpose:

  • isolated and alone
  • anxiety and worry about your future
  • addicted to negative self destructive behaviours 
  • hopeless about the state of the world 
  • feeling powerless to change your life let alone the world
  • suicidal thoughts or death temptations 
  • feeling useless and unworthy 
  • lacking self-esteem and confidence to move forward

Good News

The good news is that your Higher Purpose is not something out there that’s waiting for you to recognize and grab.  Your Higher Purpose has been planted inside you by the Divine! It is simply a matter of activating inside you.

The Happiness you Seek can be Found in Living Your Higher Purpose!

How Would You Like To Wake Up Excited on Monday Morning?

What Can this Program do for You?

      • give you a sense of purpose and meaning in your life
      • giving your gifts and talents
      • face your fears of visibility and the material world
      • knowing that you are helping to create this New Earth
      • value yourself and your gifts
      • know your soul’s purpose and attract the resources you need
      • evolve and grow rapidly  for the Aquarian Age


It includes:

      • 8 Weekly Themed Video Modules with teachings (as mp4 and mp3)
      • 8  Weekly Sadhana Videos (meditations)
      • Audios 
      • 8 Weekly PDF’s of Reflection Questions and Action Items for the Week
      • LIVE Weekly Group  Calls
      • All videos, audios and PDFs  are yours to own so that you can repeat the program at your convenience, since your unique information will never change

(All is delivered to your inbox once a week – you just ‘show up’.)

Community and support

      • Catalyst Yogi Synarchy-  A Global Community of Like Minded People to support you on your healing journey
      • Closed Facebook Group (Activating Your Higher Purpose) for Members Only
      • Weekly Video Group Calls with 5 mins for each person to share and I will help you move through your Block
      • ** Need More Support? Sign up for 30 mins – 8 Weekly One on One Calls with me where we delve more deeply into your chart. See below.

You own the content

Each week you receive through provoking  information that will unlock your higher purpose. This can become a valuable compass for you as you navigate through your life. You feel confident to face life’s challenge because now you see the purpose to your Soul’s Journey. 

Are the exercises and meditations challenging?

NO! Any one can practice these meditations and exercises. As long as you have a breath in your body you can benefit.  This technology will integrate the teachings within your body/mind and help to stabilize you through great change.

What is the time commitment? 

You’ll be required to watch the weekly teaching module video which is on average 45 mins. Most people like to listen (mp3) on their device a couple of times during the week. The EGO likes to distract you by tuning out when you first listen. It’s not just information – it is an energy transmission to shift your consciousness.

The weekly module sadhana will be from 20 mins to 30 mins each day. It is best to practice this in the morning before starting your day and you will begin to look forward to your daily practice.


Best to put your Netflix subscription on hold for 8 weeks!

This is a Living Program

This is a powerful group consciousness that is created that will carry you on this sacred journey. This healing energy will activate lessons in your life  that are particular to you. This can be challenging on your own but with the support of me and the group you will evolve with ease.e

Logistically – How does it work?

Each week on Sunday afternoon you will receive all of the materials for that week. You can download the pdfs, videos and audios to your computer. The videos are also formatted for your smartphone as well as for your computer desktop.

What if I have a question?

You will have access to a closed facebook group to post your questions. There is a group of others there on the same journey who support one another. I am  on the page quite often to  answer any pressing questions.

But you have so many YouTube videos for free!

My videos are generalized for the larger public. This program  is structured in a way to bring profound healing to each participant. The teachings are more in-depth in the programs and it requires your participation.

Who’s the program for?

People Who:

      • are serious about to live their higher purpose
      • not afraid to roll up their sleeves to make the effort
      • Kundalini Yoga Teachers or interested in the technology
      • want to change and evolve quickly 
      • want to know their gifts and talents
      • are committed to their healing 
      • are ready to help bring Heaven to Earth as prophesied for the Aquarian Age

( I will be adding more information as it comes to me – so check back often)


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A percentage of your money goes to Alice Housing  that helps provide a Safe Home and Support  for Women and Children who are trapped in an abusive situation.