Heal Your Inner Child with Shadow Mining

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Why is Healing My Inner Child Important?

In the Aquarian Age, we are evolving through our emotional body. This is the Solar Plexus Mutation  and the greater purpose is that our emotions provide the fuel to permanently open our heart.  As children, our hearts were permanently open and through the pain of living in the Piscean Age – we closed them down. Healthy emotions move freely. In childhood, our trapped emotions became crystalized and remain stuck in the tissues of our body well into adulthood.  Life brings you challenges so that you an release these trapped emotions.

How Do You Know if You Need this Program:

  • you are numb and know your heart is closed
  • attract toxic or unhealthy relationships
  • always seem to create drama in your life
  • cannot forgive and forget your past
  • have deep self-esteem and self-worth  issues?
  • battling with an addiction
  • have issues with money or career
  • become overwhelmed by your emotions
  • can’t seem to attract supportive people who value you
  • haven’t claimed your creative nature or divine gifts and talents

Your Inner Child is the Guardian to the Doorway into the Aquarian Age!

How Would You Like To Be Free of the Pain of Your Past?

Do You: 

  • suffer from a broken heart that never seems to heal
  • attract unhealthy relationships
  • not make changes because you know that something from your past is holding you back?
  • have a tumultuous relationship with your family of origin? And find it impossible to forgive?
  • have deep self-esteem and self-worth  issues?
  • criticize yourself or attract people who criticize you?
  • find it impossible to truly trust another person especially a romantic one

Do you feel that you’re becoming a ghost in your own life – invisible and fearful that time is running out and you may never share your gifts with the world? 

My Personal Story

I know what it’s like to be filled with doubt, confusion and  insecurity about my place in the world.  I’ve been stuck in that dark night of the Soul faced with an uncertain future.



I remember many years ago when I first heard about the Aquarian Age and that you had to be yourself or nothing will work. I thought to myself in despair, “I don’t even know who I am – I am so covered in conditioning.” (Conditioning is the  brainwashing we received as children to make us into a non-self. We are literally shaped into a non-self  by the people in our environment.)

The First Seven Years of Childhood

  • sets up shadow (negative) patterns that show up in your adult life
  • deeply affect the health of your relationships – with others, yourself and with the Divine
  • can stop the flow of abundance from reaching you
  • can affect your health and vitality
  • is the root cause of depression, anxiety, and emotional overwhelm 
  • closes your heart to Love

Good News

After many years of searching, I have found powerful systems that have allowed me to let go of ALL that was NOT me – to reclaim my inner child and all of his divine gifts.  From all of this spiritual knowledge I have carefully crafted an 8 Week Online Program that step by step allows you to heal your inner child. A transformational program that is both practical and mystical.

What Can Shadow Mining Do For You?

      • open your heart to the frequency of self love
      • always feel as natural as you do with your own Best Friend
      • not care what other people think of  you
      • feel confident to move forward in your Life
      • value yourself and your gifts
      • know your soul’s purpose and attract the resources you need
      • be like teflon in your relationships – no buttons to push
      • strengthen your intuition and trust in your own creative nature
      • evolve and grow rapidly  for the Aquarian Age

 “I’ve never done anything like this and it was completely amazing after Module 1.  I didn’t think the next Module could surpass it but they just kept getting better and better. Masterful and exquisite blending of music, mantra, concepts, kriyas, lectures and meditations.” – MN

“Catalyst Yogi’s  style and humour -the way of delivering interesting and challenging material in a fun and accessible way”. – HS

“The lectures were absolutely mind-blowing – probably the best yet – really powerful -and having a group to support me and feeling ‘held’ in the energetic space as I step forward along this path – I don’t know how I could have coped without this and I am able to help clients and friends resolve issues because of the learning I have received from this program.” – AH

 What are Shadows?

Shadows are parts of ourself that we’ve judged, denied and buried a long time ago. These patterns get locked deep in the Shadow Cave, which is your unconscious mind. When these shadow patterns get activated  – you  project them on to other people. This is expressed as extreme negativity, judgement or just plain annoyance.  On the flip side you can be on the receiving end of other people’s shadow projections too. This is expressed as insecurity, fear and the belief that you are bad and wrong.

Shadow patterns are rooted in fear and you inherit them from your ancestors and your karma from past lives. 

How do Shadows affect my life?

This world is covered by a  blanket of  shadow frequency. Shadows make it difficult to see life as it truly is. Shadow energy drives the maya – the world of illusion. Shadow patterns can make you believe that you have an invisible wall or ball and chain that keeps you from moving forward in your life. This is because the broadcast signal that you send out to the Universe is distorted and brings to you these shadow patterns in the form of challenging people, scarcity, and health problems.

What is Shadow Mining?

Based on your date, the location and time of birth, a snap shot of  you is taken in the Neutrino Stream (the energy/information filed we live in. There are two calculations made which describe your conscious awareness and your unconscious (this is 120 days after conception when the Soul enters the Body).

Your time, date and location of birth is not a coincidence.

You, as a Soul, chose when and where you incarnate. There are many clues in your chart to who you really are. Your neutrino imprint describes your unique shadow patterns. (Even identical twins will not have the same chart). There are 26 shadows in your chart and they each sit in various planetary positions.  Each shadow describes one of the 64 Archetypes of Creation based originally on the I-Ching  – the most ancient system on the planet today. 

OMG – I already feel bad about myself!

It’s not all doom and gloom!  As you mine each one of your shadows through the process of meditation, yoga, contemplation and writing –  a Divine Gift is revealed to you! As you raise the frequency of each shadow from fear to love – your unique gifts and siddhic powers are released within you through your DNA.

Where does the content come from?

This program is a synergy of FIVE  powerful systems. It includes content from Evolutionary Astrology, Human Design ( your chart), the Gene Keys, Course in Miracles, Spiritual Psychology and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation. This content will guide you to know and understand yourself in a profound and practical way.

Is this the same as Richard Rudd’s programs?

No. One of the tools that I use is the Gene Key Book. We explore your chart and the Gene Keys’ position of planets in an original way that allows you to be  your real self. What seemed invisible to you will become clearer.

It includes:

      • 8 Weekly Themed Video Modules with teachings (as mp4 and mp3)
      • 8  Weekly Sadhana Videos (meditations)
      • Audios of your Shadows and Gifts, archetypes and power animals
      • 8 Weekly PDF’s of Reflection Questions  for the Week
      • All videos, audios and PDFs  are yours to own so that you can repeat the program at your convenience, since your unique information will never change

(All is delivered to your inbox once a week – you just ‘show up’.)

Community and support

      • Catalyst Yogi Synarchy-  A Global Community of Like Minded People to support you on your healing journey
      • Weekly Contact with an Internet Shadow Mining Buddy
      • Weekly Group Video Call with me which is recorded
      • Closed Facebook Group for Members Only with additional content in live Facebook Videos ( Hump Day Videos)

You own the content

Each week you receive more and more information that is unique to You. This can become a valuable compass for you as you navigate through your life. You feel confident to face life’s challenge because now you see the purpose to your Soul’s Journey. And you can see your shadow patterns that try to pull your vibration down.

Are the exercises and meditations challenging?

NO! Any one can practice these meditations and exercises. As long as you have a breath in your body you can benefit.  This technology will integrate the teachings within your body/mind and help to stabilize you through great change.

What is the time commitment? 

You’ll be required to watch the weekly teaching module video which is on average 45 mins. Most people like to  listen (mp3) on their device a couple of times during the week. The EGO likes to distract you by tuning out when you first listen. It’s not just information – it is an energy transmission to shift your consciousness.

The weekly module sadhana  will be from 20 mins to 30 mins each day. It is best to practice this in the morning before starting your day and you will begin to look forward to your daily practice.

Also you’ll be required to read materials each week and answer questions.  It is best to not take on too many extra activities for these 8 weeks as the Universe will start delivering to you your shadows.

Best to put your Netflix subscription on hold for 8 weeks!

This is a Living Program

As soon as you commit to the program – your inner broadcast signal will amplify and draw to you your unique patterns. It will be difficult to look away, as these patterns will be like big flashing neon lights! It is important to cultivate a sense of lightness and humor as you move through this program. You will be going back to your past to uncover missing pieces of yourself that got buried long ago. This program can be emotionally intense at times and each buried emotion will rise to the surface to be released leaving you a feeling peaceful and spacious. As you move through each challenge you will feel the confidence in yourself to handle anything that life brings to you!

Logistically – How does it work?

Each week on Sunday afternoon you will receive all of the materials for that week. You can download the pdfs, videos and audios to your computer. The videos are also formatted for your smart phone as well as for your computer desktop.

What if I have a question?

You will have access to a closed facebook group to post your questions. There is a group of others there on the same journey who support one another. Catalyst Yogi is also on the page daily to answer questions. In addition, you will be assigned a virtual buddy. I will also be posting live videos each Wednesday with support and additional content.

But you have so many YouTube videos for free!

My videos are generalized for the larger public. This program is unique to you and is structured in a way to bring profound healing to each participant. The teachings are more in-depth in the programs.

Who’s the program for?

People Who:

      • want to help others with their gifts and talents
      • want to change and evolve quickly 
      • are committed to their healing 
      • are ready to move forward into the unknown
      • are ready to express their life purpose

Invest in Your Inner Child – You’re Worth it!

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Once you are a member of the Catalyst Yogi Synarchy – you are eligible for discounts for all future programs.If you have taken a Catalyst Yogi Program in the past – you are eligible for a significant discount. Contact Me for password and information.

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A percentage of your money goes to help homeless animals in sacred Arunachal, India – home of Ramana Maharishi.


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Kind words by supporters of the sanctuary: “It is indeed shocking to see a group of professionals and paramedicals – headed by 73 year old American – taking care of the street animals, free of cost. What dedication.