Work With Me

Are you feeling stuck, lost or frustrated in your life? Overwhelmed by your emotions? You know that you’re here on the planet for a divine reason? 

Yes, I can help you.

I will help you to mine your divine gifts so that you can share them with the world.


I can help in these ways:

Live Catalyst Yogi Online Healing Programs

This is the most efficient way to heal. You are part of a live group consciousness with other like minded people around the world. Online programs are typically 8 weeks in length with plenty of support as you move through deep change. You own all materials so you can do the program over again.  Investment $$$.  

One on One Neutrino Astrology Reading with me

I study your neutrino astrology chart to determine the karmas from your  previous lifetime that may be affecting this current lifetime. I also look at your main shadow pattern that is keeping you from being your authentic self. This work leads you to the door of the  Shadow Mining Program.  Investment $$

Online Kundalini Awakening Classes 

These are teachings (lectures) but really energy transmissions that give you a deep understanding of our evolutionary process for the Aquarian Age. It is a little taste of the content you receive in the online healing programs. Also includes Kundalini Yoga kriyas and meditations to integrate the energies.  You can purchase either the teaching video or the kriya and meditation video or purchase the bundle at a discounted rate. I suggest that you buy the bundle for the whole experience. Investment $





Purchase a Print Copy or E-Book of 7 Steps to Happiness

“Let me tell you something again. There are seven steps to happiness. Man has pondered over it for 5,000 years. These steps have to be walked …. 1.Commitment  2.Character 3. Dignity 4. Divinity 5. Grace  6. Power to Sacrifice 7. Happiness”  – Yogi Bhajan, Master of Kundalini Yoga