Kundalini Awakening Online Classes

Here is a list of in depth teachings, kriyas and meditations to help you in your kundalini awakening for the Aquarian Age. Kundalini Awakening online classes help you to understand and integrate the evolutionary energies on the planet right now.

So let your intuition guide you to select the right class for you. You can either purchase only the lecture or only the kriya and meditation or you can purchase both at a discounted price.  I would suggest buying the package as the teachings are an energy transmission that helps you to go deeper into your understanding and remembrance of yourself as a Spiritual Being having human experiences.

Best Part is that you own the videos so you can review and practice at your convenience.

NEW!  2017 Forecast – The Alchemy of the Family (1hr) + Meditation

We Are Evolving into a New Human Species!

We are in a time of great transition and always preceding this comes major chaos on the planet. It can be a frightening time for many but it all makes sense from a Spiritual Perspective.  The NEW CYCLE of Human Experience begins January 22, 2017.  Each new year can be tracked by reading the Neutrino Mandala  (64 archetypes of creation). The neutrino stream is an invisible guiding force that is guiding humanity into the great Age of Aquarius.

2017 Forecast

Need some peace of mind and understanding about the time we live in?  This is the video to watch.
In this one hour video report you will learn:
How is humanity evolving?  
Why is 2027 so important?
What shadow patterns is humanity clearing this year?  What are gifts and siddhis that we are embracing? Where to place your energy so that you move with ease and grace into the challenges of 2017?

You will receive a pdf with a list of practical things to do this year. You will receive a separate meditation video to practice to align yourself with this new energy coming in.

You own the videos and mp3 so you can listen and watch again.


NEW!  Rebirthing