One On One Reading


 One On One Reading

Every person is born with a unique genius to contribute to the world. This inherent genius is locked within your MIND and is waiting to be unraveled by YOU.

Neutrino Astrology is a System for the Evolution of Humanity into the Aquarian Age.

This one on one reading uses a system that is a synthesis of many disciplines. In every second we are literally bombarded by neutrinos which are subatomic particles or cosmic messengers that originate mostly from the Sun. The location, time, day, month and year of birth is not a coincidence. The neutrinos leave a precise imprint which gives you a map of your inner consciousness. This map illustrates where you must travel in this lifetime – the fears and challenges that you must face in order to unlock your genius.

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In the First Reading:

You will learn what is the specific spiritual lesson that you are attracting to you over and over again. This occurs so that you can transcend it and bring it into higher frequency – to claim the gift and eventually its mastery. Your gift is your essence – the quality or flavour of your consciousness.

You will learn where you need to focus your energies on in order to activate the evolutionary path that is unique to you.

You will also learn where you are vulnerable to the conditioning of others – where you unconsciously leave your centre. You will learn where your strengths lie and what  qualities are yours so you can let go of the “NOT YOU”.

At the end of the one on one reading , you will  be provided with a 40 day sadhana unique to you. This is a spiritual practice to help you integrate the healing.  

You also receive a Recording (mp3) of the Reading with your Chart. The reading is 1 hr 15 mins. There will be time for time for Q+A.

Purchase the  Reading Below and you will be sent a questionnaire and a time/day that is convenient for you to meet.

I look forward to Working with You!

Neutrino Astrology Reading – $177.00

A percentage of your money goes to Alice Housing  that helps provide a Safe Home and Support for Women and Children who are trapped in an abusive situation.