The Sun is a major player in this story of human evolution.

You may be feeling irritability, increased sensitivity, sleep problems, headaches, weird body pain that comes and goes, ringing in the ears, blurred vision or moments of disorientation. You may feel overwhelmed by anger, fear, sadness, fatigue and exhaustion.

These are all the effects of solar activity. The solar flares are penetrating the electromagnetic field of the earth – the aura – and this powerful energy is also penetrating the aura of your little planet – the planet of you – your physical body.

These solar flares are triggering your emotional body to start releasing.

“….Do you know how things go on around this earth? Science may find with in
a thousand years that the life-sound comes from the sun. That sound is the existence of the atom. Then they will find that within us is a little sun. Therefore our existence is also the existence of the atom, and we make an impact on the universe, just as it makes an impact on us.” – Yogi Bhajan

So our little sun in the navel (solar plexus) is awakening and flaring up to melt those frozen parts of ourselves that we have denied – suppressed – forgotten.

Those emotions didn’t just appear out of nowhere – they have been locked inside you for a very long time.

Watch this video to learn more:

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