If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day – consider yourself blessed!

Do you ask yourself, “Why am I still single?”

There are so many messages out there from the media, movies and advertising that suggest you somehow can’t be happy and fulfilled if you’re not partnered up. Even our friends and community will turn into the most annoying yenta trying to fix you up with someone – anyone, if you are single. Holiday time can bring up a lot of shame if you are single. The truth is, we are being pummelled by these messages because advertisers want to sell their products.

If you are single, the mind and ego want you to do something about it, such as improve yourself, buy a new suit, do online dating or  go to boring parties so you can meet someone. The ego creates a sense of urgency that creates fear that you will always be alone for the rest of your life.

Watch this short video to learn spiritually why your soul wants you to be alone at this time in your life.

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