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How to Bring Equality into Your Relationships

The New Cycle of Human Experience began on  January 21/17 and was kicked off by millions of women and men gathering all around global calling for Equality. In 2017 we are collectively transmuting the shadow pattern of Inequality from our DNA. So

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Challenging Relationships are the Fast Track to your Evolution

In our lives where do we evolve the quickest ? Where do our challenges come at us like bricks to the head – one right after the other? Where do most of our big spiritual lessons come from? Where do

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Emotional Triggers and the Best Way to Handle Them

Emotional triggers can make you feel angry, sad or depressed. Somebody says something or does something that sets you off and you react by saying something snarky, or you withdraw into yourself. Emotional triggers flood your body with chemicals –

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Emotional Responsibility in the Aquarian Age

With the Solar Flares on the rise as well as Jupiter in the Sign of Cancer for a year – it is calling us to become real with our emotions. No longer can we suprress or deny our emotions. Whether

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Challenging Relationships are the FAST TRACK to Evolution

The energy is intense right now. We are going through a profound evolutionary change in our consciousness. It is like all of humanity is going through great birthing pains. In essence – A new Human Species is being Birthed and

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