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How to Find the Gift in Conflict

The theme that I have been seeing in talking with a variety of people is a lack of trust. Lack of trust in their fellow human. Also its interesting to note that it has to do with money and resources.

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Creating Peace with Your Family During the Holidays

This holiday is a potent time for healing! If you are sensitive, you will be feeling the build up of energies. On Christmas Day there is a full moon in Cancer which is all about letting go of emotional patterns

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Bring Peace to a Chaotic World by Healing Your Ancestors

  There is so much conflict and turmoil in the world right now.  You can bring peace to a chaotic world by resolving all conflict within yourself. If you follow the news it can put you in a space of hopelessness

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Sharing Power in Relationships – Venus in Scorpio

In the Piscean Age (the last 2,000 years), human relationships were ruled by the EGO. The only two options in relationships were to dominate or be dominated.  Now in the Aquarian Age, we are learning to share power even in

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5 Things You Need to Know to Pass Earth School

When life is tough, we need to remember that we live in a grand Earth School and we’re really here to learn lessons for our spiritual growth. In this school, not all teachers come in the form of humans. The

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