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Depression From A Spiritual Perspective

Depression is a widespread phenomenon in our modern world. It is not what we’ve been led to believe by modern medicine. It’s steadily on the increase reaching even the youngest of children. To try to fix an internal problem with

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Shift Your Thinking, Change Your Life

  Shift your thinking, change your life! In the Aquarian Age we are being called to take full responsibility for our own consciousness. This means we own it if we are in a bad mood and are thinking thoughts like,

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Remove Depression, Fatigue and Stress in 4 mins

Here’s a quick Kundalini Yoga Set that you can do anywhere in only 4 mins. Perfect for DEPRESSION, ANGER, FATIGUE or STRESS. It will leave you feeling GREAT. To Remove Negativity and Heart Opener ( Jan 19, 1973) Download Remove

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Depression is an energy problem

What is Depression and why is it so prevalent in the Aquarian Age?

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Yogi Bhajan’s 2012 Predictions Kundalini Yoga and Cold Depression: Looking for Energy in All The Wrong Places

Depression – Need More Energy – Tired All the Time – These are Signs of the Times as we approach the Aquarian Age – 2012

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Rid yourself of Depression in One Minute

When you feel yourself getting under a ‘black cloud’. Do this for a minute: Take both hands and lock them together perpendicular to one another palms facing each other. Then squeeze and release 5 – 10 times (when releasing hands

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Feeling Depressed? Meditation to Release Cold Depression

Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga, said during the cusp period between the Piscean Age and the Aquarian Age – humanity would be feeling a state of mind called Cold Depression. In this state you are not aware that

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