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How to Deal with Disillusionment and Despair

It’s normal to feel disillusioned by the recent global events. It seems that it’s one thing after another with all the corruption, lies, violence and destruction in the news.  The Ego’s Temptation I recently spent a week in a big city – over

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How to Bring Equality into Your Relationships

The New Cycle of Human Experience began on  January 21/17 and was kicked off by millions of women and men gathering all around global calling for Equality. In 2017 we are collectively transmuting the shadow pattern of Inequality from our DNA. So

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Get Happy – Go On a Victim Cleanse

 No one ever wants to be the victim, yet if you look deeply into the dark recesses of your mind you will find this Archetypal Energy lurking and waiting to sabotage your Soul’s evolution. If you are a human, then

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What’s the Root of Hatred in Humanity?

The world can seem chaotic now with all the political corruption coming to the surface, mass shootings and social uprisings around the globe. For you as a sensitive person, it can bring  a mixture of anger, depression, hopelessness and disillusionment.

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Recognize the Other Person is You (Unless you don’t like them.)

One of the 5 Sutras for the Aquarian Age is “Recognize the Other Person is You”. To recognize the other person is you is not just about empathy. Empathy is imagining what it must feel like to be in that

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5 Ways to Drop your Insecurity

Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, that we are broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the

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Lunar Eclipse – A New Day Dawns

We are now officially in the energy of the FULL MOON LUNAR Eclipse. The Sabian symbol for this cycle is “The Dawn of a New Day Reveals Everything Changed.” New beginnings are in the air as we’ve moved through all the

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What is the Root of Impatience?

Today is the NEW MOON Solar Eclipse which sets the tone for the next 6 months. The key words in the Neutrino Stream are IMPATIENCE and DISHONOR. What is impatience? Impatience is the belief that you are victimized by time.

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How Do You Make Yourself Small?

This full Moon in Virgo will illuminate all the ways in which you make yourself small. This full Moon energy is supporting you to see these dynamics so that you can see them and let go to make different choices. The Sabian

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Creating Peace with Your Family During the Holidays

This holiday is a potent time for healing! If you are sensitive, you will be feeling the build up of energies. On Christmas Day there is a full moon in Cancer which is all about letting go of emotional patterns

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