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Release Anger in 3 Minutes

As we enter into the Aquarian Age, human emotions are on the rise – in particular Anger. Before reacting to this anger – release anger in three minutes with this Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technique. Sitali Breath This yogic breath

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How to Drop Your Worries

Drop Your Worries by Going to the Energetic Source of Worry The origins of the word Worry means to Strangle. Worry is a violence to the Authentic Self. We must drop our worries to fully enter into the Aquarian Age.

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Solar Flare Activity is on the Rise

The Sun is a major player in this story of human evolution. You may be feeling irritability, increased sensitivity, sleep problems, headaches, weird body pain that comes and goes, ringing in the ears, blurred vision or moments of disorientation. You

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5 Things to Do On a Solar Eclipse with Meditation

“The sun, moon, and stars are your teachers.” – Yogi Bhajan As Above, So Below The ancients long ago observed that we are impacted by the movement of the planets and stars. The earth, moon and sun is our cosmic

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Solar Plexus Mutation – Self Sensory System Workshop in San Diego

Weekend Workshop in San Diego, California Saturday – May 3rd and Sunday – May 4th  ( 10 – 4pm) Learn about the next evolutionary steps for humanity and the 2027 Solar Plexus Mutation. Let go of Victim Consciousness Work with

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Emotional Triggers and the Best Way to Handle Them

Emotional triggers can make you feel angry, sad or depressed. Somebody says something or does something that sets you off and you react by saying something snarky, or you withdraw into yourself. Emotional triggers flood your body with chemicals –

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Emotional Responsibility in the Aquarian Age

With the Solar Flares on the rise as well as Jupiter in the Sign of Cancer for a year – it is calling us to become real with our emotions. No longer can we suprress or deny our emotions. Whether

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Jupiter in Cancer – Bring More Tolerance to your Relationships

Jupiter is in Cancer until 2014 and also sits in the 39 Hexagram (provocation). This means that your emotional body is being deeply disturbed – poked to release stuck energy. This is part of our human evolution to evolve past

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Emotional Storms Ahead

If you are sensitive to energy, you may be feeling the prequel to what is to come in the next couple of months.  The Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter will all be in the sign of Cancer in the next

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Are you Feeling like a ‘scardey cat’ ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear.

Feeling Like a Scardey Cat – Fear, Anxiety, Insomnia or Despair ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear with 3 min Kundalini Yoga Meditation that works !

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