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2016 Review – The Darkening of the Light for Humanity

Yes, the man made calendar says that it’s the New Year – 2017 but the energy says something different. There’s a reason only 4% of New Year’s Resolutions stick. It’s because according to the Neutrino Mandala, January 1st falls on the shadow frequency of Struggle! This

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What’s the Root of Hatred in Humanity?

The world can seem chaotic now with all the political corruption coming to the surface, mass shootings and social uprisings around the globe. For you as a sensitive person, it can bring  a mixture of anger, depression, hopelessness and disillusionment.

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Solar Plexus Mutation Online Class

3.5 hour On-line Class – Saturday April 26, 2014 – 1:00 – 4:30 pm (MST)  The Solar Plexus Mutation will  launch our NEW Self-Sensory System Awareness The self sensory system is the next quantum leap in the evolution of humanity. We

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Challenging Relationships are the Fast Track to your Evolution

In our lives where do we evolve the quickest ? Where do our challenges come at us like bricks to the head – one right after the other? Where do most of our big spiritual lessons come from? Where do

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Solar Flares First Aid Kit – 5 Things You Can Do

These solar flares catalyze quantum leaps in human consciousness – with many bursts of new awareness for you. This means the instantaneous insights – “Aha, that is why this is happening to me.” or “That’s where this limiting belief came

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