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Meditation for Insecurity and Fear

Here is a full kundalini yoga meditation to get rid of insecurity.  It uses the mantra “GOBINDA GOBINDA HARI HARI” said to be the favorite mantras of the Angels. Practice and leave your comment to let me know how it

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What’s the Root of Hatred in Humanity?

The world can seem chaotic now with all the political corruption coming to the surface, mass shootings and social uprisings around the globe. For you as a sensitive person, it can bring  a mixture of anger, depression, hopelessness and disillusionment.

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5 Ways to Drop your Insecurity

Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, that we are broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the

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Don’t Fear the News

We live in epic times! It is important that People of Light do not go into fear. There is mass propaganda being pumped out to keep humanity in fear, division and separation. Why? When people are in fear they are

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How to Drop Your Worries

Drop Your Worries by Going to the Energetic Source of Worry The origins of the word Worry means to Strangle. Worry is a violence to the Authentic Self. We must drop our worries to fully enter into the Aquarian Age.

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Your Ancestral Belief Systems Could Be Stopping You

As a humanity we are now being called to take a good hard look at our belief systems.  Most of us do not even think to question things that we believe. In fact most of our beliefs are not even

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Get Rid of Fear in 3 Minutes

The most primal FEAR that we all have to face is fear of the material world. Fear of our own physical survival – it is encoded in our genes. Genetics isn’t personal – it doesn’t care about if you having

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Are you Feeling like a ‘scardey cat’ ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear.

Feeling Like a Scardey Cat – Fear, Anxiety, Insomnia or Despair ? 5 Ways to Transmute Fear with 3 min Kundalini Yoga Meditation that works !

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Overcome 3 Most Common Fears for the Aquarian Age

What are the 3 Most Common Fears we ALL have to Face as Humans ?

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Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Stress and Anxiety

This is a great Meditation to practice when you are feeling at the end of your rope and overwhelmed by anxiety. In a soft monotone, chant  out loud each of the sounds starting  at  the 3rd  Chakra  and working your

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