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Meditation for Insecurity and Fear

Here is a full kundalini yoga meditation to get rid of insecurity.  It uses the mantra “GOBINDA GOBINDA HARI HARI” said to be the favorite mantras of the Angels. Practice and leave your comment to let me know how it

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Patience as a Spiritual Practice

Patience as a powerful spiritual practice for many reasons.  Patience opens your heart. Patience increases your vibrational frequency. Patience brings you prosperity. Patience makes you more creative. Patience is good for your health and your relationships. Impatience is the rooted

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Release Anger in 3 Minutes

As we enter into the Aquarian Age, human emotions are on the rise – in particular Anger. Before reacting to this anger – release anger in three minutes with this Kundalini Yoga and Meditation technique. Sitali Breath This yogic breath

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5 Ways to Drop your Insecurity

Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, that we are broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the

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5 Ways Your Shadow Is Undermining You

Your Shadow is that part of your personality that you’ve unconsciously buried deep inside you. Your Shadow, unless integrated by you, comes lashing out at the worst times possible, causing you to feel embarrassment and a slew of other painful emotions. You’ve  been taught

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Don’t Fear the News

We live in epic times! It is important that People of Light do not go into fear. There is mass propaganda being pumped out to keep humanity in fear, division and separation. Why? When people are in fear they are

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How to Drop Your Worries

Drop Your Worries by Going to the Energetic Source of Worry The origins of the word Worry means to Strangle. Worry is a violence to the Authentic Self. We must drop our worries to fully enter into the Aquarian Age.

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5 Things to Prepare for Mercury Retrograde

Tomorrow marks Mercury Retrograde which  runs from Sept 17 – October 9, 2015 Traditionally, mercury retrograde has been a given a bad reputation – an astrological event that makes people cringe because of the chaos it seems to create in our lives. However, it

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5 Ways to Increase the Flow of Money

Sat Nam, People have been contacting me about the strong desire to participate in the Healing Addictions – 12 Weeks to Self-Love Online Program that launches this NEW MOON – September 13th, 2015. Yes their Soul is calling them to the

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My Personal Experience with Addictions

I share my own personal experience with addictions in this video. I tried everything and anything to be released by the frequency of addictions. I spent many years opening promising doors that only led me back to the addiction and

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