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How to Find the Gift in Conflict

The theme that I have been seeing in talking with a variety of people is a lack of trust. Lack of trust in their fellow human. Also its interesting to note that it has to do with money and resources.

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5 Things to Balance Your Relationships

The New Moon is in Libra today! This energy means it is an opportunity to balance your relationships. This means that a new lunar cycle is now beginning. You can either become a slave to these energies and be tossed about,

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Why Am I Still Single?

If you find yourself single this Valentine’s Day – consider yourself blessed! Do you ask yourself, “Why am I still single?” There are so many messages out there from the media, movies and advertising that suggest you somehow can’t be happy and

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Jupiter in Cancer – Bring More Tolerance to your Relationships

Jupiter is in Cancer until 2014 and also sits in the 39 Hexagram (provocation). This means that your emotional body is being deeply disturbed – poked to release stuck energy. This is part of our human evolution to evolve past

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The Big BOO HOO with the Meditation to Heal a Broken Heart

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4Xmwwdbj_c]   When you commit to the Spiritual Journey one of the things that you can’t avoid is called the big boo hoo. The BIG BOO HOOis the big cry — the sobbing — where your body is shaking, eyes

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Relationships in the Aquarian Age

Download The FREE Five Relationship Sutras As the Aquarian Age draws closer, everything is changing including the way in which we do relationships. Let us understand the evolution of human love in relation to the Chakra system. In the distant

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