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Venus in Scorpio – No More Playing Nicey-Nice

Venus just moved into Scorpio on Sept 23, 2016   Venus in Scorpio will be a welcome relief for those people who value honesty and getting to the root of all matters. The Planet Venus Venus is a personal planet and represents our

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Too Much Information to Know What’s True? 5 Ways to Amp Up Your Truth Meter

Yogi Bhajan taught that the Aquarian Age would bring an end to secrets and lies – everyone would know everything. It is an exciting time and the internet brings with it the potential for the democratization of information. There are

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Break the Chains of the Past – 5 things to Do this Holiday Season

The holidays can be a stressful time for many people returning to their families of origin.  It is a time when old dysfunctional dynamics get expressed.  Instead of viewing this holiday as something to ‘get through’ – view it as

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