The planet Venus is associated with the Divine Feminine Goddess and the Heart Center. This transit brings a profound healing to humanity – an opportunity to open our hearts and truly experience compassion for others and to Our SELF.

Venus also represents our passions, values and our relationship to others.  Venus transits come in pairs – the last transit was in June, 2004.

To benefit from this energy:

Reflect on what was going on for you in 2004 ? What were your values? Who were the people most important to you? What choices did you make in 2004 that have now reached completion ? What New relationship dynamics are coming in ? Open up to  NEW values which will be more authentic and true to who you are now.

Here’s a quick Kundalini Yoga Set that you can do anywhere in only 4 mins.

To Remove Negativity and Heart Opener ( Jan 19, 1973)

Download Remove Negativity Set (pdf)



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