2016 Predictions

The NEW YEAR Starts Now!

Even though the consensus world agrees that January 1st is the New Year – energetically it’s just not true! This is the main reason why New Year’s resolutions rarely work because we’re not supported in the energy of the new. The good news is that we just passed a NEW MOON on Jan 9th, the Neutrino Stream Mandela returns Jan 23rd and the Chinese New Year is Feb 8.

Themes for 2016

Here are some themes we can look forward to this year. The main theme is Self-Improvement and Purification.

By now, thanks to Mercury Retrograde, you should’ve received sudden messages where you need to self-improve. Most likely in the area of your health and wellness. All those things that you’ve been putting off for a while will be rising on your priority list this year. This means the universe will no longer participate in the human habit of procrastination.  Procrastination is simply postponing doing your highest destiny. So if you don’t take those steps this year, you may attract a crisis which is another word for,  “Wake up – time to get moving! “

Watch the video below to learn more about this year and what you can do to move gracefully and courageously through this time!  




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