Yes, the man made calendar says that it’s the New Year – 2017 but the energy says something different. There’s a reason only 4% of New Year’s Resolutions stick. It’s because according to the Neutrino Mandala, January 1st falls on the shadow frequency of Struggle! This means that energetically that this is NOT the time to initiate the new. It’s still  a time for deep inner reflection of what happened to you in 2016. The collective theme of 2016 was the Darkening of the Light.

Collectively, in 2016 we saw the dark night of the Soul for humanity. All the ugliness of the shadow side of our species came rising to the top.  The sexism, racism, homophobia, xenophobia – all that keeps us separate from one another. We were to transmute this shadow (fear) frequency to embrace our Humanity. Did we succeed? Did you succeed this year?  Did you open your heart? Did you surrender your ego to your Higher Self a little bit more? Did you forgive?

The New cycle of human experience starts January 21, 2017 when the hexagram moves  back to the start point of the Neutrino Mandala. This is the real beginning so until then gain some clarity before setting your new goals for 2017.

Take pause and do a 2016 Review.

Watch this short video to learn more about the themes of 2016 and a Kundalini Yoga meditation to help you integrate the lessons.

Please leave your comments below. How was 2016 for you?




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