The NEW HUMAN CYCLE of EXPERIENCE begins January 21/22, 2017 – The Real New Year!

Each new year can be tracked by reading the Neutrino Mandala (64 archetypes of creation). The neutrino stream is an invisible guiding force that is guiding humanity into the great Age of Aquarius. The 2017 Forecast explores many o the themes this year.

Are you feeling the build up of this pressure to evolve and change? Throughout our human history before there has been a  mutation of our species – there has been crisis points and chaos all over the planet.  It can be a frightening time for many as all of our old security structures are dissolving (government, economic, education, health and religion). Each year collectively humanity is transmuting specific shadow patterns that keep us behind the veil and in separation.  We are heading into Unity Consciousness for the Aquarian Age so these shadow patterns must be played out in the external world. This highest frequency of  this year’s theme has to do with Equality of all humans, the rise of the feminine and your Spiritual Family.     How does Donald Trump fit into the Evolutionary Picture? What challenges is 2017 bringing to us? Watch the video below and be sure to leave your comments.

Also please join me and others as we join in Light to bring in this New Cycle. Meditation starts January 19, 2017 @ 6:30 PM (EST). Click to receive a reminder.



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