Inequality between the Sexes.


Happy almost new year according to the Gregorgian Calendar. I want to remind you that the new energy doesn’t really come in until the New Moon in January 16th and when we move into the  start code which is January 22nd. The Full Moon is on January 1st further telling us that we’re still in the  purging and letting go energy. So celebrate but don’t be disappointed if you can’t find the willpower for new years resolutions.

If you watched my youtube video way back in January – I talked about the shadow of weakness or inequality between the sexes would be a big theme in 2017. We saw this with kick off with the  Women’s Marches across the globe. One of the bestselling books on Amazon – the Handmaids Tale and of course all of the cases of  sexual misconduct by men in positions of power.  These are all examples of this shadow of Weakness rising to the surface. And let’s take  this shadow further because this this is about abuse of power. Watch the video to get the full scoop or subscribe to why podcast to listen on the go.

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