Sat Nam,

We can all agree mentally that the Universe is abundant. That old chestnut of a teaching has been around forever.

So why does it seem to work for some people and not others?  If you are working hard and seeing little results, this is sign that you are challenged to receive.

We need a complete paradigm shift in the way we live life  We are entering the Aquarian Age now and we now must  shift from a masculine to a feminine approach to life. The last 2,000 years of Piscean Age was ruled by the  masculine – also called the Patriarchy. In order to succeed we’ve been conditioned to  go and get, distrust others, compete, multi task, work until you’re  exhausted, strategize, keep busy chasing the paper ($) and basically the message is  if you want something – just go out and take it with little regard for others.  This masculine approach won’t work for you anymore. The energy of the planet won’t allow it. The feminine approach is to learn how to receive – this applies to both men and women.

In this video, you will find out the  5  Top Signs that you’re not Receiving.  Also you learn the 3 things you can do now to help you to receive.

Please watch the video below and leave your comments.  Do you recognize yourself in this video? In what ways are you being challenged to receive?



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