Today marks the first Mercury Retrograde of this year which is runs from Feb 6 – 28, 2014.

Traditionally, mercury retrograde has been a given a bad reputation – an astrological event that makes people cringe because of the chaos it seems to create in our lives. However, it just like life challenges – it is all about your attitude – will you resist this energy of change or will you learn from it ?

Mercury rules the left, logical, analytical side of the brain and we can be overwhelmed by details of life like not seeing the stop sign while driving. Mercury also rules communication and there can be misunderstandings between people that can create conflict. E-mails and bill payments may never arrive, computer or technical glitches, losing digital data and all other sorts of weird quinky dinks.

One of the main lessons that Mercury Retrograde is teaching us is to practice shifting our left brain thinking (conscious and logical) – to right brain thinking (intuitive and holistic).

Here are 5 things for your Mercury Retrograde First Aid Kit

1. Patience with your Technical Gadgets

You may experience issues with your computers, i-pads, smart phones, and digital devices. These devices are connected to you on an energetic level so if you are not calm and grounded – your device will reflect this back to you by non-cooperation. When you start to feel frustrated that these gadgets are not working the way you want them to – stop or just walk away to regain your composure. It is best to ground yourself by breathing long and deep and extend this energy out to your device.

2. Keep it Simple and Chant the Mantra of Protection

We are bombarded by information day by day and it is increasing. There is a quote that says, trying to get information from the internet is like taking a sip of water from a fire hose. During the mercury retrograde we will become painfully aware of all these details. During this time become aware of this overwhelm and keep things simple. Things are going to take longer than usual so give yourself a bigger time cushion so you can allow for the hiccups found in a Mercury Retrograde. Also go over things once, twice, three times so that you don’t miss important details. When driving your car chant this mantra of protection three times before turning the key:

Aad Guray Nameh
Jugaad Guray Nameh
Sat Guray Nameh
Siri Guru Dayvay Nameh

This will buy you 9 secs of time and 9 feet of space.

3. Dealing with Challenging People

The energy of Mercury Retrograde can make people impatient and argumentative.
They may not seem to be listening to you or talking over you. Others may be critical of you or you may be overly critical of yourself. Best to not take anything personally. Watch the ego wanting to get in there and get the last word in and/or needing to be right. The best thing you can do as a yogi is to maintain a calm and respectful presence at all times. This will help keep the energy of your environment at a high vibration so that others may have a chance to feel themselves and it will neutralize negativity.

4. Let Go of Victim Thoughts

Mercury Retrograde is calling for us review our habitual thought patterns that have been driving our choices. This energy is giving us an opportunity to detach from our thoughts so that we can take time to review, release and to rewrite what has been driving us. During this time spend more time alone so that you can take advantage of this energy. When these realizations come, ask yourself “How can i re-empower myself so that i don’t feel like a victim in the world?” “Why did that happen to me ? What did i need to learn from that experience? How do i need to shift my thoughts about this area?” So for example you may discover that you have thought patterns that say, “Everyone wants something from me – they want to manipulate and exploit me”. A more empowering thought pattern is, “People can ask me to do things for them and it is ultimately my choice whether i do them or not”.

5. Kundalini Meditation to Practice During a Mercury Retrograde

This is a time to throw off excess thought. This is a time to calm the conscious mind so that you can hear the voice of your soul. This voice will communicate to you in repeating patterns over and over again in an attempt to penetrate your conscious mind. This is a time to soothe your nervous system with all of this mental energy.


Here is a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for Strong Nerves for the one of the 5 meditations that Yogi Bhajan said to prepare for the gray period on the planet.




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