“The sun, moon, and stars are your teachers.” – Yogi Bhajan

As Above, So Below

The ancients long ago observed that we are impacted by the movement of the planets and stars. The earth, moon and sun is our cosmic trinity. The Sun represents the Soul — self-illuminated and radiant. The Moon represents the Mind — only able to reflect the light of the Soul and the Earth represents our finite existence.

This solar eclipse will bring tremendous light into the dark watery depths of the Unconscious Mind which usually remains locked and inaccessible. The Unconscious is the deepest part of our mind and is a container for buried thoughts, emotions, sensations and images from our collective human experiences. Even though the Unconscious remains hidden it can be controlling your life — when triggered it can bring forward strong irrational emotional responses.

The energy from the Solar Eclipse will force you to face and release the long buried greebly emotions — guilt, anger, hatred, jealousy, greed, lust, grief, sadness and terror. This energy will also bring into light the beliefs and soul patterns that you may have inherited ancestrally – the ones you have never dared to question. It is time to see in truth how they have stopped you from the realization of your True Spiritual Nature. Eclipses also bring a finality, a completion to a karmic pattern that has been running your life or perhaps lifetimes. Facing the Unconscious Mind with the courage of a spiritual warrior will bring you to a greater clarity of your hidden greatness and destiny in this incarnation. This is a time of major awakening. Receive these powerful transmissions of energy and be prepared to open to a whole new world within you — the kingdom of heaven.


5 Things You Can You Do

1.  Be By Water

It is said that we will be most affected by this energy three days before and three days after the eclipse on Sunday. Yogi Bhajan instructed to be near water during an eclipse — a lake, an ocean or even your bathtub.

2. Don’t React

Resist the powerful urge to react. Be still and go deep inside yourself to fully feel any emotions that may surface. Treat emotions like tourists — welcome them but them move on.

3. Meditate with Mantra

” … that is why we do not meditate without mantra…when you meditate
without mantra you can clean the subconscious. But when you
meditate with mantra you can clean the unconscious. You can destroy the akashic record. ” — Yogi Bhajan

4. Listen to New Inspirations

Solar eclipses are always new moons and it adds a certain potency to the new energy. Listen closely to your Soul for  new  inspirations coming in to be manifested in this coming year.


5. Kundalini Yoga Meditation for a Solar Eclipse

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