When life is tough, we need to remember that we live in a grand Earth School and we’re really here to learn lessons for our spiritual growth. In this school, not all teachers come in the form of humans. The greatest teachers are often our most challenging and painful experiences. The Saturn teacher is tough – relentless – in showing us our egos, limitations, and outdated beliefs.  Saturn energy is like the firm father that holds the child tight when she is about to run out in traffic. Without the understanding of the bigger picture, the child feels confused, limited, angry and in pain. Sound familiar?

In one way or another, we are all feeling the firm hand of the Saturn Teacher.  Everyone has their particular flavor.  Perhaps you are dealing with reoccurring health or relationship  problems, isolation, a legal conflict, lack of money, or a frustrating job.

In the Saturn Teacher’s class we may feel like we are trapped in a prison with no key.

Here are the Coles Notes :

5 Things You Need to Know to Get A Passing Grade from Your Saturn Teacher

1. Be in Truth

Be honest with yourself. Is there something you need to face that you are avoiding? Is there a truth that must be spoken– even if only to yourself?  Is there a relationship, project or habit that needs to be brought into the light of Awareness?   Exposure is the first step to healing all wounds. Write it down, say it out loud or tell a friend.

2. Pay Attention

The mind is under a lot of pressure right now and wants to escape into fantasy.  Stay present and in reality. Where do you feel limited in your life? Take this into your meditation practice. Notice the patterns in your life – where are you learning the same lesson over and over again?  Where is the ego attached to things and people staying a certain way. This stops the creative flow.

3.  You have Power

When you feel limited it can bring out the Victim Archetype. This is the part of you that feels powerless to change your life and wants to give up.  If you find yourself saying things like “I don’t have enough money” or “I can’t do that”  or “why does this always happen to me”,  you are stuck in victim. Don’t allow these beliefs to run your life.  Transcend the Victim into Victory by practicing Kundalini Yoga + Meditation.

4. It is all about Perspective

Embrace the changes as they come – each one is a blessing. If you are fired from your job or evicted from your home – it is all a blessing. Saturn energy is showing you where you need to let go of an old self that is no longer serving you. It is helping you to make a needed change that you just were not able to make on your own.

5. Move Stuck Energy

Perhaps you need to release long buried emotions in order to release frustration, anger, sadness or grief?  Sometimes we attract painful experiences in to provoke long buried feelings of hurt or grief from our childhood. What patterns are you attracting to you? Shake things up! Make a choice to do something – anything – differently. Even changing how you walk to work will bring the energy of change into your life.

Practice Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Break Subconscious Habits ( full 11 min meditation with tuning in)



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