Halloween is a time when the veils between the spirit world and our world are the thinnest. To the ancients this time served as the gateway into the darkness – the hidden realm that contained forces beyond our control. It was also a time to honor and communicate to the spirits of our ancestors on the other side of the veil.

 5 Ways to Connect to Your Ancestors 

1. Create an Altar

Dig out pictures of your grandparents, great grandparents and put them in a prominent position in your home. Place symbols beside your pictures. For example, if your Grandmother loved roses then place a rose beside her picture.

2. Look For Messages

Look for clues from the external world that your ancestors are with you. Messages can come in the form of birds, feathers, butterflies, dragonflies, coins or something personally meaningful to you. You can also suddenly smell a perfume or cologne that a grandparent frequently wore. Or someone may approach you out of the blue that reminds you of an ancestor. Thank your ancestors if you receive a message.

3. Dreams

Before you go to sleep tonight set a strong intention to be visited by one of your ancestors. Ask for support with whatever challenges you are presently going through. Also, have a piece of paper and pen to record your meeting.

4.  Pay Your Ancestors’ Karma 

All of our ancestral memories live within our DNA and they are being released for the Aquarian Age. Whatever karmic struggles you are presently experiencing can be rooted back to your ancestors. For example, if you know that your male ancestors were abusive to women in the past then donate money to a transition house in their name. Or if you ancestors struggled with addictions then practice a meditation in their name.

5. Practice a Full Kundalini Yoga and Meditation to Heal Your Ancestors (58 mins)

This is a Kundalini Yoga  Kriya that releases your Unconscious Mind of ancestral trauma that is affecting your today. It also includes two meditations to heal ancestral karma. Practice this with a pure heart and be open to hearing the messages from your ancestors.

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