Insecurity is a low grade FEAR. It is the fear that we are not good enough, that we are broken and that we can’t handle the challenges that life throws at us. Insecurity is created by the Ego and the many false stories it tells you about yourself.

Insecurity keeps us from really living our soul’s purpose and keeps opportunities from reaching us. If you are pumping out insecure thoughts about yourself – in essence you have your hand up to the Universe saying, “no thanks, pass this happiness on to someone else – I will sit here in my littleness.”

In the Aquarian Age you must accept and experience that you have everything you need, already inside you. It is your birthright to live free from fear, doubt and worry. Do not wait for perfection before moving toward your dreams ~ that day will never come.

5 Ways to Drop Insecurity

1. Focus on Your Strengths

Each person has come into this incarnation with a unique gift to deliver to the world. What uplifts you, inspires you, gives you energy? Nurture the things that you do well – these are your unique gifts. How can these gifts serve the whole of humanity?  Become more of who you are rather than who you think you should be.

2. Drop Your Weaknesses – Let G.O.D.  Fill the Gap for You

Drop the things you think you should do, that give you a heavy heart and drain your energy.  Trust that G.O.D. (the Source of all life) will cover your weaknesses. Your weakness is another person’s strength. Form a relationship with the Infinite.  Declare, “I am going forward with my destiny, but I need you to cover me.”

3. Remember Who You Are

When you feel overwhelmed by insecurity, it is important to remember your true identity – you are a Spiritual Being of Light having human experiences. Move past the feelings of limitation and expand into your Infinite Self. You are not alone and anything is possible when you call upon your spirit.

4. Stop Listening to the Stories – The Ego is a Player

The Ego (false self) is always telling us stories in order to keep itself alive. These stories come in two flavors – Grandiosity (superiority) or Littleness (inferiority). Both of these stories are untrue. We are all equal to each other – no one is higher or lower. When you catch the Ego telling you stories – become aware of your breath – slow it down and observe. The feelings of insecurity will leave with conscious  breath.

5. Kundalini Yoga Meditation to Get Rid of Insecurity

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