Sat Nam,

People have been contacting me about the strong desire to participate in the Healing Addictions – 12 Weeks to Self-Love Online Program that launches this NEW MOON – September 13th, 2015. Yes their Soul is calling them to the program but the challenge is not the price of the program as they know the value of this healing – it is in the manifesting of the physical resources – mainly money.

There has been a whole 8 Week Program created on Money and Spirituality already but I want to lend a hand to help you get in the Flow. Money is a flow, ruled by water and the second chakra.

Here are 5 things that you can do right now to Increase the Flow of Money into your Life:

1. Stop Giving Money Power Over You

Anything outside of you that you can see, touch, smell, taste or think about is an ILLUSION. The only power that thing or thought has is the POWER you give to it. You, as the Higher Self, are the POWER.

2. Stop Chasing Money and Start Chasing the Self

Shift your mind’s focus from “I need to make more money – get more money” to “how can I become more of my Self?”

When you are your Self – money will chase you.

3. Stop Giving Your Power to the Person who Holds the Purse Strings

The Ego lies and tells you that your boss, wealthy friend or spouse has the money and you need to manipulate them to get their money. Manipulation is to stroke their ego, be nice, agree with them at the expense of speaking the Truth. GOD holds the purse strings – your Higher Self – your GOD SELF is the creator of money.

4. Stop Resisting and Start Receiving

This is a big one! The Universe is abundant – you are the one holding your hand up to the flow. How? By resisting Life and Creation. You must tap into your feminine power whether you are born male or female. The true feminine receives ALL without exception. You too must receive everything that LIFE brings to you – the ugliness and the beauty. You must receive that annoying person, the traffic jam, the loud sounds, the unexpected obstacles – the random kindness, the sun on your face, the smiles and laughter. Bring ALL of it in deeply to your SELF. This will trigger and activate your ability to receive the flow of money into your life.

5. Practice this Meditation

Let the SELF take care of your self. Allow your Higher SELF to take care of your lower self needs on planet Earth.





Money SOS Sadhana

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