The holiday season can be a joyous time and a time of great stress for many people. Here are a few suggestions to keep your dignity and grace intact.

1) Focus the holidays on the act of giving – encourage “gifts from the heart” that focus on service to other family members. Give gifts of time to your friends. A hand-made coupon for lunch or a movie with you will mean so much to close friends.

2) Be aware of Family Dynamics – we all play roles within our family of origin. Roles such as scapegoat, clown, golden child or black sheep. Refuse to play your role and help your family become more authentic

3) Let Go of Expectations – of how things should be or how people should behave. There is much mythology about the holidays via popular media – TV, movies etc. Watch if you have unrealistic expectations like receiving an ‘expensive, thoughtful gift ‘ means that person loves me or ‘my family of origin should all get along because it is the holidays’.

4) Laugh at Yourself – Stay conscious and alert – when you catch yourself falling into old habitual patterns with people – don’t take yourself so seriously – stop and laugh at the human drama.

5) 3 Min Meditation – When one of your family members says or does that thing that drives you crazy and pushes all your buttons. Don’t react.  Go to the bathroom and do a Kundalini Yoga Meditation for to Release Emotions of the Past – in as little as 3 mins you will be calm and neutral.



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