5 Ways Shadow is Undermining You

Your Shadow is that part of your personality that you’ve unconsciously buried deep inside you. Your Shadow, unless integrated by you, comes lashing out at the worst times possible, causing you to feel embarrassment and a slew of other painful emotions.

You’ve  been taught to fight your shadow, mainly through religious conditioning that was handed down to you by your parents, family, and educational system.

Here are 5 Ways The Shadow is Undermining Your Life:

#1. Self-Esteem

When you’re  feeling like you have a tyrannical bully inside your head and  beating yourself up to a pulp – this is a sign that your Shadow is at the root. This bully fest happens when you are getting really close to uncovering something important that relates to your higher purpose. 

#2. Relationships

The Shadow’s playground is found within your relationships. The mechanics of the Shadow and how it works is that it makes it impossible to see it yourself. But you can see your Shadow in other people. Whenever you feel judgmental or critical of others – this is a clue that you are seeing your Shadow. The Shadow creates drama in your life by creating conflict with other people and makes you NOT take self-responsiblity for your part in it. Plus you end up saying things that later you regret.

#3. Health

It takes a lot of  your energy to keep that Shadow down which takes it toll on your physical health. For example, you’re setting a strong intention to up the bar on your health – eating organic foods, exercising and resting more. It goes well for a while UNTIL  your Shadow pops up unexpectedly and suddenly you’ve skipped the gym – you’re  hanging out with your old pals Ben and Jerry and  binging on Netflix until 2:00 am. The next day you wonder, ” How did that happen?”  And you blame yourself, which affects your self-esteem. Go back to #1 to see how that plays out.

#4. Money

When the Shadow wants something – it wants it NOW!  This can have you pulling our your credit card and buying things that you don’t really need. If you are experiencing debt that doesn’t seem to go away or you can’t leave a store without buying something – look no further than the Shadow playing games with your money.

#5. People You Serve

The Shadow doesn’t want you serving and helping others because the universal law is when you help someone else you’re  really only helping yourself. So when you’re overwhelmed by feelings of resentment and anger towards the people you serve – it’s NOT you – it’s the Shadow. The Soul loves and longs to serve other people – the Shadow only wants to serve itself with a buffet of negativity.

You’re on this planet for a good reason and it involves serving others with your unique gifts.  If you’re ready to FINALLY  let go of the confusion and self-doubt abut this fact – then please REGISTER NOW for the Shadow Mining 8 Week Online Program that begins this Sunday –  January 31, 2016 




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