Whether your company is small or large there are some things you can do about work-life balance.

Here are 50 ideas gleaned from actual workplaces. They range from simple to complex and represent a range of costs. Any one of these ideas can be a first step to implementing a program of work-life balance in your workplace.

  1. casual Fridays (or formal Fridays depending on your business)
  2. encourage people to meet and eat together
  3. cozy furniture in a gathering area
  4. “personal check-ins” before staff meetings (how your life is going, what you did on the weekend etc.)
  5. employee notice boards for posting personal notes or requests (e.g.TV for sale, seeking car-pool room for rent)
  6. personal space rooms (e.g. retreat with a minor illness or naps)
  7. couches for naps
  8. private phone rooms to make personal calls
  9. breakfast at company expense
  10. no responses to e-mail required on weekends
  11. no meetings between 8 and 9 a.m,, leaving the first hour of the day free to plan work day
  12. no meetings every second Friday, allowing people to get more done and free up their weekends
  13. scheduled breaks in the workday beginning or end of the day
  14. social events (without alcohol) to strengthen relationships between workers
  15. family events to strengthen family/work connections, understanding and support
  16. open house workplace tours, or ”bring your child to work days” to help family members understand and support the employees’ work commitment
  17. grandparent’s day off to spend with grandchildren
  18. provide day care and after-school care at the work site
  19. on-site fitness centres, opening fitness centres to family members
  20. subsidies or passes to local fitness centres or yoga studios
  21. short meditation before meetings – so people are calm, clear in their communication
  22. on-site convenience store
  23. on-site rink, walking trails, basketball court, barbecue
  24. taxi vouchers or bus fare for unplanned overtime
  25. concierge services (e.g. shopping, pet walking, house cleaners or contractors)
  26. automobile pickup and servicing
  27. dinner brought in for unplanned overtime
  28. bulk discounts for ski passes
  29. discounts on any company products
  30. movie tickets, restaurant gift card
  31. tuition reimbursements or subsidized living costs while employees are at school
  32. scholarships for children of employees
  33. low—interest loans
  34. spontaneous day (staff leaves for the afternoon to go bowling)
  35. paid memberships in community associations or local teams
  36. limits to mandatory overtime
  37. eliminate mandatory Saturday night lay-overs for business trips
  38. pay for employees to take a spouse along on a business trips
  39. learning or wellness accounts
  40. work/family account (a set amount to spend as they see fit)
  41. pay for lessons not related to work eg. photography course
  42. a thank-you and gift card to an employee
  43. a thank-you and gift card to the employee’s spouse
  44. well-behaved pets in the workplace
  45. office Olympics
  46. flexible work schedules which include working one day a week from home (remote access)
  47. encourage workers to volunteer and pay them
  48. have set “mental health days” when workers are feeling stressed or need to go to the bank, doctor etc.
  49. paid day off for birthday
  50. Workplace Wellness Programs such as Kundalini Yoga to begin the day or to start a meeting

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to appreciate your employees , it just cost a little thought!



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