let_go_birdsYou may be feeling frustrated at this time with your inability to let go of the past and move forward in your life. For example, you may sincerely want to let go of a past relationship and yet you catch yourself still thinking about it, experiencing past memories popping up out of nowhere, or intense buried emotions rising to the surface. There is nothing wrong with you – this is part of the process right now of a very deep profound letting go. The evolutionary energy is forcing what is “not you” out from deep within the unconscious. We truly learn who we are from “the other” in the context of relationships. So for example, if you were not your Authentic Self in a past relationship – you will have buried emotions come up to be felt. These emotions really don’t have anything to do with that other person – it is all about you. For example if you harbour a lot of anger towards your past partner – it means it is really you that you are angry at for betraying your Authentic Self.

Remember that the Real You is unravelling itself from conditioning very quickly. You are changing very rapidly – it does not matter if you are conscious of this or not. You may experience 3 or 4 states of being just in one day – wake up feeling optimistic, mid morning feel depressed and in the evening feeling hopeless and in despair. These states of being have nothing to do with your external circumstances, you could be in a room alone and experience this.

In some ways it is less about “i need to let go of the past” and more about “i must surrender to the magnitude of this evolutionary change”. You are forming a deep, intimate relationship with your Soul – your Divine Self. And everything that is standing in between this relationship must leave.

5 Ways to Let Go of the Past

 Choosing to Hold On to an Old Identity

When you find yourself holding on to the past – it really is the Ego trying to hold on to an old identity that you’ve outgrown. For example, the ego will hold on to the “glory days” when you had a fancy title within a corporation, made lots of money and were in charge of many employees. This is true even if that identity was victim when you were in a relationship where you felt used and abused. This is the ego’s attempt to keep you from your destiny. It is best to go into the space of “no identity” – you are much bigger than the roles you play in life.

 Ego Loves Lobbing Bombs

The Ego when faced with letting go prefers to remain in anger. It will bolt and then “lob bombs” from a far – making that person wrong and blame them for everything. The Ego will take no responsibility for your part in the demise of the relationship – remember it takes two people to slam dance. Resist the urge to stay in anger. Underneath that anger lies a motherlode of sadness and grief. This is where catharsis and healing is – it is a matter of feeling all the emotions. Commit to stay with the emotions without reaction – this releases the deep sadness which is truly letting go.


Guilt can be a huge block to letting go. If you feel guilty leaving your marriage for example – it may be showing that you have betrayed your higher consciousness and shirked your responsibility by breaking your commitment or it could be showing you that you haven’t yet learned the lesson from that relationship. Either way guilt is telling you, “Hold up – not so fast there is some unfinished business here.” Explore this feeling of guilt especially if you can’t seem to fully transcend it.

Fear of Moving Forward

When your ego continually brings up the past it is a signal too that you are afraid of moving forward into your future. The past is known – the future is unknown. This is a matter of transferring your trust from your Ego to your Higher Self. It is your inner light that is guiding you forward and you don’t need to google anything – it can be found at anytime right there inside you. So reframe when you catch yourself thinking about the past “Oh this is not about the past at all. It means i am afraid of making the next step. What is needed right now in this moment? “ Wait for your inner voice which will guide you to the next step.


Action is the language of the Aquarian Age. The universe loves “grand gestures” – these actions communicate that you mean business. Look around your living space at each object – What memories do they invoke? What emotions come up? Are these things moving you forward in your evolution or are they holding you back? Then go deeper into the big Kaunas blocks – closets, attics, the garage and storage units. In the Aquarian Age there is no room to bring the baggage of the past.










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