The ancient yogis taught that we have 3 parts to our functional mind:

1. Negative Mind – the limiter – generates thoughts to protect you such as:  Don’t walk into oncoming traffic, or You can’t afford to purchase that thing right now.

2. Positive Mind – the optimist –  generates thoughts to show you opportunities such as: Try a yoga class, it could help you with stress, or Yes! You can succeed at  this new business venture.

3. Neutral Mind – is like the neutral judge that listens to both the negative and positive mind and comes up with the verdict. This is your meditative mind and knows your soul’s destiny. When making decisions – this is where you want to be.

Most of us get  overwhelmed by thoughts of the negative mind and we don’t allow the thoughts of the positive mind to come forward.  It is impossible to succeed without a healthy positive mind.

Here are 5 Ways to Strengthen your Positive Mind

1. Smile for No Reason, Be the Hope where there is no Hope.

The act of smiling will release endorphins to the brain and change your emotional state. Yes, you may feel crazy at first but you do have to be a bit different to be on a spiritual path. Be hopeful and positive even when everyone and everything around you is not – become an inspiration for others. Remember the Universe has everything covered – sit back and enjoy the show!

2. Meditation for the Positive Mind

Download a simple Meditation that many great and wise spiritual leaders including Buddha and Christ practiced.

“You needn’t worry about learning this kriya to be a Buddha or a Jesus, just learn to be yourself.” – Yogi Bhajan (master of Kundalini Yoga)

3. Become Your Own Cheermeister

The positive mind is your spiritual cheermeister. To keep you motivated  and moving forward on your journey, you need the support of your positive mind. Start a file of all the compliments and kudos you have received. When you are feeling particularly down – refer to your file for upliftment.

4. Be Patient – Know your Mind

In every situation, the negative mind is designed to be  the fastest and these thoughts come up first. Observe these thoughts, don’t react  and WAIT  – allow the positive mind to voice its two cents. Observe your mind by breathing long and deep.

5. Positive Affirmations – Shake up your Self-Concept

Use positive statements about yourself and make sure that they are in the present tense. When you repeat these statements notice what comes up for you. The most powerful way to strengthen your positive mind  is to record these affirmations and listen to them while you are sleeping. Yogi Bhajan, the master of Kundalini Yoga said that your favorite sound is your own voice.  Eventually these affirmations will shift your consciousness and affect your behavior.




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