I share my own personal experience with addictions in this video. I tried everything and anything to be released by the frequency of addictions. I spent many years opening promising doors that only led me back to the addiction and at the same time teaching kundalini yoga and helping others! Through these many years, I was in a painful state of duality – like there were two of me – one moving toward the dark – the other moving toward the light. Until after much inner searching into the darkest corners of the human psyche –  i found a door that worked!

This NEW 12 Week Program is the culmination of this Journey Out of the Darkness back HOME into the Light of Self Love.

If you are ready to make that quantum leap into a whole  new level of consciousness – i encourage you to  join me and others on this sacred healing journey that begins on the auspicious NEW MOON (Virgo) on September 13, 2015. 

BTW the planets are directing us now to focus on our personal healing this year and next year.

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