The Age of Aquarius is the Age of Truth which means that the Unconscious Mind must be made Conscious. So shadow patterns are being lifted from our human DNA and that’s why it feels intense in the world right now. As a humanity, we are going through a deep purification from these patterns. 

April looks to be a challenging month. Before you slip into defeat and the “why me thoughts” remember that these energies only serve us to grow and evolve. Don’t underestimate your strength to succeed and pass the Life Tests.

What Are the Main Themes?

  • Going into Fantasies of the Mind
  • Blocking Light from the Galactic Center of the Universe
  • Standing Up to incorrect Authority Figures
  • Discovering Your True Values
  • Money withheld from the Ego’s plans
  • Creating the Structures to Manifest your inner Dream
  • Initiating the NEW
  • Breaking out of Limiting Belief Patterns from childhood


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