grumpy_catAre you Feeling Like Grumpy Cat ? Or Dealing with a lot of Grumpy Cats in your Life?

It’s easy to fall into the pit of pessimism – expecting the worst possible outcome in every situation.

What is at the Root of Pessimism ?

Ego Mind.  You have been conditioned to hide from your suffering. Someone told you that it is better to expect the worst – that way you won’t be disappointed.

The Ego Mind takes great pleasure in wallowing in negativity and cynicism. Watch your mind when something negative happens to you or someone else in your life. The ego is gleefully telling you, “See i told you so”.

Spriitually this is a very bad strategy to expect the worst  because that is exactly what you will create with your thoughts and emotions.

How to Manage Pessimism ?

Embrace what pessimism is hiding from you which is your human suffering. Pessimism is a low grade anger at GOD for giving you this Destiny.  Remember it is this collective suffering which is awakening humanity.

Feel all  the disappointments in your Life. Feel all the losses you have experienced in the last couple of years.   Feel it ALL and you will start to feel Joy come back into your Life again.

Everything is Energy – this pessimism is a low frequency energy that you can shift. Here is a Powerful Kundalini Yoga Meditation to remove grief and sadness from the Heart.




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