Are You Hiding Your Greatness?

Now more than ever your light is needed out in the world. So why do you hide from the world? Does the thought of being a beacon of light for others scare you? Do you want to change this? Let’s explore the root cause. No real transformation happens without seeing the dynamic first. Seeing is looking at your behavior through the light of awareness. Once you see it in Truth – you can change it – Its like turning a big flood light on a dark corner of the room.

Not Sharing Your Greatness is NOT humility – it’s the Ego Keeping you Small and Hidden.

What does Hiding Yourself look like?

  • Not looking people in the eye when you speak.
  • You don’t talk about yourself. Listening and Speaking are out of balance.
  • Telling people what you think they want to hear – people pleaser
  • Remaining within a small group of people – focused on helping them only – it could be your family, a few friends. ( Who never really want your advice)
  • Avoiding people who want your help – especially the ones that want to pay for your services
  • Not taking risks in life.
  • Not believing in yourself.
  • Not feeling confident that you have anything of value to share – afraid even to give your opinion in a conversation.
  • Not setting boundaries with people with your time and energy. Not standing up for yourself.
  • Unable to express your needs.
  • You feel more comfortable being a wallpaper person than the star of your own life
  • Body posture is slumped as if you want to make yourself as small as possible
  • Feel at times that you just want to disappear

The surface emotion here is fear. But the deep root emotion Is shame – that’s what hiding is covering up.

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